This results page is used to track various carriage driving event results throughout the USA and World even as those events progress throughout their schedule. 

It is my intent to keep the detailed and final results available and (eventually) searchable for as long as possible.

If you would like to have your results published, email those results to me and I’ll do my best to get them up on  If you intend to send the results over the weekend, if possible, let me know in advance so I can be looking for the email.  If I am at the event in question, just give me the results in any electronic form.

For example, at the end of each day of dressage, you could email the detailed dressage results, after the marathon, the detailed marathon results (including times and penalty points) as well as the A+B results, and again after cones, the detailed cones results and the final results.

I prefer PDFs but HTML is also acceptable.  If I have to do significant editing, it’ll take more time to get the results published.

You can now subscribe to this page by subscribing to the RSS feed on the main results page.

Please send any comments or suggestions to me.

Mike Arnold