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Sunshine State CAI – Marathon & A+B Results

See for the Marathon & A+B results of the Sunshine State CAI held 27Feb10.

Sunshine State CAI – ADS Dressage Results

See for the ADS Dressage results.

Florida Carriage and Horse Festival

See for the final results of the Florida Carriage and Horse Festival held 19-21Feb10.

Sunshine State CAI – FEI Dressage Results

See for the FEI Dressage results.

Sunshine State CAI – Provisional Dressage Times

See for the Provisional Dressage Times for the Sunshine State CAI.

Sunshine State CAI

See for the FEI & Tentative competition schedule for the Sunshine State CAI to be held 25-28Feb2010.

Ohio ADT

See for the Complete results from the Ohio ADT held 23Jan2010.

Florida State Fair

See for the results of the Florida State Fair carriage driving events held 05-07Feb2010.

Gilcrest Farm HDT

See for the Final results from the Gilcrest Farm HDT held 06Feb2010.

DrivingNews USA Update

See for updated scores & standings of the ADS Intermediate Championships.

See also the addition of a few driving related blogs and club websites. If you have a blog that you would like to see included, let me know. (or if you would like one taken off)

The list of clubs is a first pass of those clubs on the east coast, roughly corresponding to the ADS regions: Southeast, Mid-Atlantic & Northeast. Please let me know if I have missed any or have any misclassified. I plan on adding every club in the US & Canada, I would be most appreciative if anyone could send me a list.

DrivingNews is also on Twitter, Facebook, SnapSnap Message as well as an available RSS feed. See the icons on the top of the main page.