Grand Oaks CDE/DT/CT & ADS North American Preliminary Championships - 01-03Dec17

  • Omnibus Listing
  • Grand Oaks Resort
  • Expected Competitors
  • Assigned Stalls
  • Provisional Order of Inspection

  • Criteria to compete in the 2017 ADS North American Preliminary Championships
    1. Championship Athletes must be ADS members in good standing.
    2. Preliminary Championships are open to any Athlete who has not completed more than one CDE above Preliminary Division (Driving Trials, Arena Trials and CAI 1* exempted) in the 24 months prior to the scheduled Championship. No athlete shall have competed at a World Championship in the last five years.
    3. Athletes must have successfully completed a minimum of three ADS-recognized CDEs or DTs in the Preliminary division. Completions at DTs above Preliminary will also be recognized for qualification.
    4. Preliminary Championship Athletes are not eligible to enter the ADS North American Intermediate Championship in the same calendar year.
    5. An Athlete may enter only one turnout in the competition hosting an ADS North American Championship. The North American Championship entry, which includes the Athlete and groom(s) for Marathon and the Athlete for Cones, must compete before participating in the non-championship entry in Marathon and Cones.
    6. Athletes will agree to a photo/video release.

  • Section B CTFs
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  • Marathon Time Tables
  • Cones Speeds
  • Friday Dressage Results

  • Saturday Dressage Results
  • Cones Results
  • A+C Standings

  • Marathon Results
  • Final Results

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