DrivingNews USA - 2014 Competition Results

  • Mid-Atlantic Whip Challenge (Final)
  • Grand Oaks HDT - 05-07Dec14
  • Belle Grey-Virginia Driving Derby Series - 08Nov,22Nov,06Dec14
  • Windridge Farm HDT & CT - 22-23Nov14
  • Tejas Carriage Association CDE & HDT - 08-09Nov14
  • Katydid CDE - 30Oct-02Nov14
  • James River Classic Carriage Driving Pleasure Show - 25Oct14
  • Pine Tree CT & CDE - 17-19Oct14
  • Fall Fling at the Florida Horse Park HDT & CT - 18-19Oct14
  • Chapter One Farms Fall HDT - 11Oct14
  • Kentucky Classic CDE - 02-05Oct14
  • Saratoga HDT & Rochelle Temple Driving Clinic- 04-06Oct14
  • CCC Pleasure Show and Combined Test
  • My Lady's Manor Pleasure Driving Show - 21Sep14
  • Single Horse World Championships-Izsák (HUN) - 24-28Sep14

  •       1st Horse Inspection All USA, Canadian & Australian horses passed
          Provisional Dressage Times
          Dressage Results
          Provisional Marathon Start Times
          FEITV will show the Marathon starting at 3AM Eastern
             (I think you must be a paying member to watch)
          Marathon Results
          A+B Standings
          Team Standings After Marathon
          Cones Order of Go
          *LiveScoring* Cones Results
          *LiveScoring* Final Results
          FEITV will show the top 25 in Cones starting at 7:35AM US Eastern Time
             (as I understand it)
          Final Team Standings
          Team USA - Single Horse - After Dressage: 9th, After Marathon: 14th, Final:10th
                Leslie Berndl Dressage:12th(46.34), Marathon:Retired, Cones:24th(0+3.09)
                Donna Crookston Dressage:49th(57.28), Marathon:62nd, Cones:3rd(0+0), Final:46th
                Jacob Arnold Dressage:39th(55.23), Marathon:1st, Cones:6th(0+0), Final:7th
          Team Canada - Single Horse - Individual
                Kelly Houtappels Bruder Dressage:65th(61.76), Marathon:48th, Cones:48th(15+6.78), Final:62nd
          Team Australia - Single Horse After Dressage: 13th, Final:8th
                Lorraine Cairns Dressage:66th(62.46), Marathon:66th, Cones:9th(0+.76), Final:28th
                Janelle Marshall Dressage:43rd(56.32), Marathon:20th, Cones:22nd(3+0), Final:27th
                Elizabeth Lawrence Dressage:28th(50.69), Marathon:45th, Cones:51st(6+4.5), Final:53rd
  • CAIO4*-H4 & CAI2*-P1,2,4 & NK-P1,2,4-H4 Breda - 24-28Sep14
  •       Team USA - Pony Team:
                Laurie Astegiano Dressage:9th(65.66), Marathon:Abandoned
  • Carolina Challenge Prep HDT - 21Sep14
  • Shady Oaks CDE - 18-21Sep14
  • Garden State CDE & CT - 19-21Sep14
  • Touchstone HDT & CT - 14Sep14
  • Hermitage Classic CDE - 11-14Sep14
  • 34th Annual Villa Louis Carriage Classic - 05-07Sep14
  • Glen Willow CDE - 05-07Sep14
  • World Equestrian Games, Normandy (FRA) - 23Aug-07Sep14
          Team USA - Four-in-Hand After Dressage Team USA 2nd
          Dressage Start Times
          Dressage Results
          Marathon Start Times (CEST)
          Marathon Results
          Team USA - Four-in-Hand After Marathon Team USA 4th
          Cones Results
          Final Results
          Team USA - Four-in-Hand Final - Team USA 4th
               Chester Weber A:1st(32.21), B:12th, C:7th(0+0), Final:2nd
               Allison Stroud A:21st(56.10), B:25th, C:39th(9+2.85), Final:28th
               Misdee Miller A:26th(58.05), B:39th, C:29th(6+0.20), Final:37th
  • Sargent CDE - 28-31Aug14
  • Indiana CDE - 29-31Aug14
  • BITS Summer Carriage Classic - 23-14Aug14
  • Deroche CDE - 16-17Aug14
  • Green Mountain Horse Association CDE - 23-24Aug14
  • Chester & My Weber have a baby son, Douglas Oskar Weber, 21 inches, 7lbs 2oz - 23:05 17Aug14!
  • Sunburn Series #2 - 16Aug14
  • Equestrians Institute CDE - 08-10Aug14
  • CAI3* Piber Köflach (AUT) - 07-10Aug14
          *LiveVideo* & *LiveScoring*
          USA - Single Horse
               Jacob Arnold (Rowley) A:18th(54.72), B:1st, C:4th(0+1.77), Final:4th
               Jacob Arnold (Tara) A:13th(52.48), B:Retired (before obstacles), C:25th(15+5.17)
               Leslie Berndl A:2nd(43.14), B:Eliminated, C:27th(18+5.11)
  • Houston Area Carriage Association ADT IV - 02Aug14
  • CAIO4*-H2, CAI3*-H4 Riesenbeck (GER) - 31Jul-03Aug14
          USA - Horse Fours
               Chester Weber A:3rd(42.12), TS:2nd, B:18th, C:9th(0+0), Final-Derby:6th, Final-CDE:6th
               Misdee Miller A:14th(56.34), TS:43rd, B:37th, C:31st(12+0.40), Final-Derby:33rd, Final-CDE:35th
               Allison Stroud A:20th(60.35), TS:34th, B:26th, C:30th(9+3.15), Final-Derby:27th, Final-CDE:26th
          USA - Horse Pairs
               Scott Dancer A:22nd(57.52), B:25th, C:20th(3+7.66), Final:23rd
  • CAI-3* Ászár-Kisbér (HUN) 24-27Jul14
          USA - Single Horse
               Cheryl Rivers A:14th(55.62), B:15th, A+B:13th, C:Eliminated
  • Hickory Knoll CDE 19-20Jul14
  • CAIO-4* Aachen (GER) - 15-20Jul14
          USA - Horse Fours
               Chester Weber - Individual A:1st(36.22), C:6th(0+0.66), B:5th, Final:1st!!
               Chester Weber - Team USA A:1st(35.65), B:5th, C:3rd(0+0.97)
               (no Team placing for USA, since USA had only 1 competitor)
  • Sunburn Series #1 - 19Jul14
  • Pacific Region Driven Dressage Festival - 12-13Jul14
  • Waldingfield HDT & CT - 12-13Jul14
  • The CDE at Inavale - 11-13Jul14
  • Can Am Challenge CDE - 12-13Jul14
  • Morven Park Pleasure Show & Drive - 05-06Jul14
  • Notara Farm HDT - 05Jul14
  • CAI-3* Nebanice(CZE) - 03-06Jul14
          USA - Single Horse
               Jacob Arnold A:4th(49.28), B:19th, C:2nd(0+0), Final:6th
  • CAI-3* Lähden(GER) - 03-06Jul14
          USA - Horse Fours
               Allison Stroud A:26th(59.88), B:26th, C:30th(21+7.33), Final:26th
               Misdee Wrigley-Miller A:14th(56.34), B:28th, C:29th(12+14.47), Final:28th
          USA - Pony Fours
               Laurie Astegiano A:6th(57.34), B:7th, A+B:6th, C:Eliminated
  • 11th Annual Skunk River HDT - 27-29Jun14
  • CAA Carriage Festival - 27-29Jun14
  • Para-Equestrian Driving World Championships(GBR) - 27-29Jun13
          Team USA - After Marathon - 3rd - Bronze Medal
               Diane Kastama (Grade1) - A:11th(52.00), B:13th, C:3rd(0+0), Final:11th
               Virginia (Boo) Fitch (Grade2)- A:2nd(42.10), B:6th, C:7th(9+0), Final:4th
               Bob Giles (Grade2) - A:3rd(43.70), B:4th, C:6th(6+0), Final:2nd - Silver Medal
               Mary Gray (Grade2) - A:10th(58.30), B:9th, C:5th(6+0), Final:10th
  • Carriage Classic in the Pines - 16-18May14
  • Gladstone CT & HDT - 20-22Jun14
  • Bromont International Driving CAI-2* - 20-22Jun14
  • CAI3*/2*-H1/P1 Dillenburg(GER) - 19-22Jun14 (results courtesy of Helmut Brinkmann)
        USA Single Horse
           Jacob Arnold: A:13th(50.62), B:26th, C:17th(3+3.49), Final:16th
        Australia Single Horse
           Janelle Marshall: A:25th(57.79), B:20th, C:20th(6+2.07), Final:19th
  • Summer Festival CDE - 13-15Jun14
  • Metamora CDE - 13-15Jun14
  • Elk Creek CDE - 07-08Jun144
  • A Drive in the Park, The Idaho Driving Festival HDT & CT - 07-08Jun14
  • CAIO/CAI Saumur(FRA) - 04-08Jun14 (results via Hoefnet)
        USA Horse Fours Final - Team USA: 3rd
           Chester Weber: A:1st(32.91), B:2nd, C:8th(3.00), Final:1st
           Allison Stroud: A:6th(50.26). B:25th, C:24th(15.86), Final:20th
           Misdee Wrigley-Miller: A:5th(50.14), B:27th, C:31st(32.32), Final:26th
        USA Pony Fours
           Laurie Astegiano: A:4th(58.24), B:4th, C:1st(2.44), Final:4th
  • Connecticut Valley HDT and Clinic - 31May-01Jun14
  • Saratoga Driving Association Pleasure Show and Continuous Driving Event - 25May14
  • CAI2* Hopetoun Driving Trials(GBR) - 23-26May14 (results via Hoefnet)
        USA Horse Pairs
           Erik Broms: A:4th(69.93),4:5th,C:5th(28.55),Final:4th
  • HACA Pine Hill HDT - 24-25May14
  • Gayla Bluegrass CDE - 16-18May14
  • CAI3* Royal Windsor Horse Show(GBR) - 15-18May14
        USA Horse Fours
           Chester Weber: A:1st(31,38),B:4th,C:1st(0),Final:1st
           Misdee Wrigley-Miller: A:10th(52.80),B:25th,C:15th(8.15),Final:24th
           Allison Stroud: A:18th(56.16),B:26th,C:28th(24),Final:26th
        USA Horse Pairs
           Erik Broms: A:15th(76.93),B:8th,C:10th,Final:12th
        USA Pony Fours
           Laurie Astegiano: A:7th(65.66),B:6th,C:7th,Final:7th
  • Equestrians Institute Driven TREC - 03May14
  • Carolina Carriage Club HDT - 03-04May14
  • Vineyard Classic - 09-11May14
  • Green Mountain Horse Association ADT & CT - 10-11May14
  • S.W.M. Unden 2014(NED) - 09-11May14 (results via Hoefnet)
        Horse Singles (Class 4)
           Janelle Marshall(USA/AUS): A:12th(63.04), B:8th, C:17th(19.40), Final:14th
        Horse Pairs (Class 4)
           Joni Kuhn(USA): A:5th(53.04), B:14th, C:13th(24.84), Final:11th
  • CAI3*-H4,CAI2*-H1/H2 Horst(NED) - 24-27Apr014
        Horse Singles
           Kelly Bruder(CAN): A:28th(60.37), B:29th, C:31st, Final:29th
        Horse Fours
           Allison Stroud(USA): A:23rd(62.75), C:34th, B:29th, Final:31st
  • Spring Fling HDT- 12-13Apr14
  • Southern Pines CDE - 11-13Apr14
  • CT & Clinics with Kail Palmer-Miller - 05Apr14
  • NTW Sunrise Ridge HDT - 05-06Apr14
  • Chapter One Farms Spring ADT - 05Apr14
  • Windsor Trace CDE & CT - 28-30Mar14
  • Live Oak International CDE - 19-23Mar14
  • Morven Park ADT - 16Mar14
  • Arizona CDE - 07-09Mar14
  • Black Prong HDT and Combined Test - 07-09Mar14
  • Chester Weber's First Live Oak Driver Apprentice Brings a Real ".Wise Guy". - Jacob Arnold
  • Frostbite CT - 01Mar14
  • Kingdom of the Sun CDE - 21-23Feb14
  • Grand Oaks Classic - 14-16Feb14
  • Live Oak Combined Driving, Inc. Driver Apprentice Program - Jacob Arnold
  • Sunshine State CDE - 30Jan-02Feb14
  • Nature Coast HDT and Combined Test - 17-19Jan14
  • Monster Mini HDT - 11-12Jan14
  • GMHA Sleigh Rally & Combined Test - 04-05Jan14

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