DrivingNews USA - 2012 Competition Results

  • Central Florida HDT - 08-09Dec12
  • Florida Purely Pleasure Show - 17-18Nov12
  • Fall Fling ADT - 13-14Oct12
  • Houston Area Carriage Association ADT - 10Nov12
  • 10th Anniversary Katydid CDE - 01-04Nov12
  • Cowboy Country CDE - 27-28Oct12
  • Pine Tree CDE - 20-21Oct12
  • Tejas Carriage Association HDT 06-07Oct12
  • Iron Horse HDT - 07Oct12
  • Chapter One Fall HDT - 13Oct12
  • Longview Lake CDE & HDT - 22-23Sep12
  • Saratoga Driving Association HDT - 07Oct12
  • Kentucky Classic CDE - 04-07Oct12
  • USEF National Champions - Complete (pdf)
  • CCC: 16th Annual PD & Dressage Show - 28-30Sep12
  • Garden State HDT & Combined Test - 28-30Sep12
  • Villa Louis Carriage Classic - 07-09Sep12
  • Shady Oaks CDE - 20-23Sep12
  • Hermitage Classic CDE - 21-23Sep12
  • Singles World Championships13-16Sep12 - Lezirias (POR)
  • Equestrians Institute Driving Trial - B2B - 15-16Sep12
  • BITS Summer Carriage Classic - 25-26Aug12
  • Glen Willow CDE - 07-09Sep12
  • Indiana CDE - 31Aug-02Sep12
  • GMHA CDE - 24-26Aug12
  • Walnut Hill Farm Driving Competition - Aug12
  • Deroche CDE- 11-12Aug12 (CAN)
  • Equestrian's Institute CDE- 03-05Aug12
  • Duck Club HDT - 27-29Jul12
  • Ohio CDE - 28-29Jul12
  • Hickory Knoll CDE - 21-22Jul12
  • Pacific Region Driven Dressage Festival - 21-22Jul12
  • Waldingfield Driving Trial - 15Jul12
  • CDE at Inavale - 13-15Jul12
  • Gladstone HDT - 07-08Jul12
  • Summer Festival CDE - 22-24Jun12
  • Skunk River Horse Driving Trial - 23-24Jun12
  • CAI-B Bromont International (CAN) - 22-24Jun12
  • Teddy Bear CDE - 23-24Jun12
  • James River Driving Association Continuous Driving Event - 16Jun12
  • Metamora CDE XXVIII - 15-17Jun12
  • Elk Creek CDE - 02-03Jun12
  • HACA Pleasure Show & Continuous Driving Event at Pine Hill - 26-27May12
  • TCA Carriage Classic at Cedar Creek Run - 12-13May12
  • Gayla Bluegrass CDE - 18-20May12
  • Cool Runnin’ ADT #3 - 19May12
  • David Freedman Esq. of Toronto, Canada was sworn to the Company
  • GMHA Two-Phase Driving Event & ADT - 12-13May12
  • Delmarva Driving Club Pleasure Show - 05May12
  • Port Mayaca HDT - 05-06May12
  • Vineyard Classic - 04-06May12
  • Carolina Carriage Club HDT - 05-06May12
  • Spring Fling HDT - 21-22pr12
  • Cool Runnin’ ADT #2 - 21Apr12
  • Southern Pines CDE - 13-15Apr12
  • NTW Sunrise Ridge HDT and Driving Weekend - 07-08Apr12
  • Live Oak International CDE - 22-25Mar12
  • Ohio ADT - 17Mar12
  • Arizona CDE & Adv HDT - 09-11Mar12
  • Black Prong - 10-11Mar12
  • Steeplechase Farms Continuous Driving Event II - 25Mar12
  • Grand Oaks Classic- 17-19Feb12
  • Steeplechase Farms Continuous Driving Event - 29Feb12
  • Little Everglades International CDE - 23-26Feb12
  • Driving Radio Show Episode 34 - Carriages & the Little Everglades
          David Saunders and Jacob Arnold on the Little Everglades International CDE and
          Jill Ryder on the Carriage Association of America.
          And what did Wendy adopt now?
  • Cool Runnin’ ADT #1 - 03Mar12
  • Five Points DT - 04Mar12
  • Salute to Driving - 18-20Feb12
  • MCDC DT - 12Feb12
  • Sunshine State CDE - 02-05Feb12
  • Frostbite CT - 29Jan12
  • Monster Mini HDT - 14-15Jan12
  • Nature Coast HDT and Combined Test - 21-22Jan12
  • Ohio ADT at Windy Knoll Farm - 21Jan12
  • 2012 International Results

  • CAIO/CAI Pau (FRA) - 30Oct-04Nov12 (via Hoefnet)
          Laurie Astegiano (4 Poneys) - A:5th(60.93),B:2nd,C:2nd(3.00),Final:2nd
          USEF High Performance Driving
          FEI Program - 2012 Single World Championship
          Portuguese Federation Website - Championship
          12-16Sep12 - Companhia das Lezirias (POR)
          USEF 2012 World Championship Single Horse Rankings (as of 08Apr12)
          USEF Announces Drivers for 2012 Single World Championship
            (All horses passed the First Inspection)
               Leslie Berndl (Newcastle, CA) will drive Fritz Grupe's Uminco (KWPN)
               Donna Crookston (Saltsburg, PA) will drive her own RG Cowboys Black Cadillac (Morgan)
               Sterling Graburn (Georgetown, KY) will drive Larry Denny's Ulano (Dutch Harness Horse)
          Current News from Hoefnet
          Complete Results from Hoefnet
               Teams after Dressage 1st:GER, 2nd:NED, 3rd:POL, 4th:USA, 5th:AUT
               Teams after Marathon 1st:GER, 2nd:NED, 3rd:POL, 4th:SUI, 5th:GBR,
                    6th:FRA, 7th:AUT, 8th:USA
          Dressage Results (via Hoefnet)
          Teams After Dressage (via Hoefnet)
          Marathon Results (via Hoefnet)
          Errors in Obstacles (via Hoefnet)
          A+B Standings (via Hoefnet)
          Teams After Marathon (via Hoefnet)
          Cones Order - starting at 9:00 WET (via Hoefnet)
          Cones Results (via Hoefnet)

          Final Results (via Hoefnet)
          Final Teams (via Hoefnet)

             Final Teams 1st:GER, 2nd:SUI, 3rd:NED, 4th:POL, 5th:GBR, 6th:USA
               Sterling Graburn A:(57.47):48th, B:21st, C:(3/0.29):10th, Final: 22nd
               Donna Crookston A:(50.05):13th, B:61st, C:(3/0.00):9th, Final: 32nd
               Leslie Berndl A:(46.46):6th, B:57th, C:(9/5.66):46th, Final: 36th
  • CAIP-B Bregenz-Bodensee Classic (AUT) - 13-16Sep12 (via Hoefnet)
               Laurie Astegiano - A(56.58):4th, B:9th, C:11th, Final:10th
  • Para-Equestrian Driving World Championships
          30Aug-02Sep12 - Breda (NED)
          Ground Jury Announced
          USEF High Performance Para-Equestrian
          US Driving for the Disabled
          Current News from Hoefnet
          Complete Results from Hoefnet
            (All horses passed the First Inspection)
          Dressage Results (via Hoefnet)
           Teams (after Dressage): 1st:NED, 2nd:GER, 3rd:GBR, 4th:USA, 5th:IRL
          Marathon Results (via Hoefnet)
          Errors in the Obstacles (via Hoefnet)
          A+B Results (via Hoefnet)
           Teams (after Marathon): 1st:NED, 2nd:GER, 3rd:GBR, 4th:USA, 5th:IRL
          Teams After Marathon (via Hoefnet)
          *LiveScoring* Cones Results (via Hoefnet)
          *LiveScoring* Final Results (via Hoefnet)
          Final Teams (via Hoefnet)
               Diane Kastama - A(57.40):13th, B:13th, C:13th(12.00), Final:14th
               Pam Johnson - A(66.60):19th, B:19th, C:18th(29.85), Final:19th
               Karen Gorham - A(75.00):21st, B:Retired, C:20th(66.19)
           Final Teams: 1st:NED, 2nd:GER, 3rd:GBR, 4th:USA, 5th:IRL
  • Four-in-Hand World Championships
        15-19Aug12 - Riesenbeck (GER)
          Hoefnet - for News & Photos
          Hippoevent - for News & Photos
          Attelage Info - for News & Photos
          Riesenbeck on FaceBook
          USEFNetwork Follows the Team
           Teams Final: 1st:NED, 2nd:GER, 3rd:USA
             Chester Weber: A(33.41):1st,B:8th,C:8th(3.00),Final:2nd
             James Fairclough: A(53.12):17th,B:16th,C:4th(1.29),Final:14th
             Joe Yoder: A(61.70):32nd,B:42nd,C:45th(35.23),Final:43rd
          All Start Times & Results (courtesy of Helmut Brinkmann)
          Individual Dressage Results
             Team Standings after Dressage
          Marathon Results
             Individual Standings after Marathon
             Team Standings after Marathon
             Cones Results
             Final Results (Individual)
             Final Team Standings
  • Beesd (NED) - 03-04Aug12 (via Hoefnet)
          Single Horse
          Sterling Graburn A:2nd(41.39),C:18th(18.00),B:4th,Final:4th
          Donna Crookston A:9th(56.53),C:1st(0.00),B:22nd,Final:16th
          Sarah Schmitt A:17th(68.48),C:17th(17.27),B:15th,Final:19th
          Pair Horse
          Rachael Rice-Blanchard A:6th(56.96),C:14th(17.13),B:14th,Final:14th
  • CAI-A Beekbergen (NED) - 19-22Jul12
          Chester Weber A:1st(44.16),B:9th,C:6th(3),Final:4th
          Sterling Graburn A:14th(54.91),B:33rd,C:8th(8.28),Final:16th
  • CAIO-4 Aachen (GER) 03-08Jul12
          Aachen Website
          Chester Weber A:1st(33.54),C:8th(3.00),B:20th,A+B+C:10th
          Chester Weber TeamA:1st(33.54)
          Aachen Wrapup (via fei.org)
  • CAI-A Altenfelden (AUT) 21-24Jun12 (via Hoefnet)
          Chester Weber-A:1st(36.86),B:13th,C:1st,Final:9th
          Misdee Wrigley-Miller-A:1st(43.01),B:18th,C:10th,Final:6th
  • CAI-A Lähden (GER) 15-17Jun12 (via Hoefnet)
          Chester Weber-A:1st(36.35),B:5th,C:23rd,Final:2nd
          Joe Yoder-A:31st(68.86),B:21st,C:17th,Final:22nd
  • CAI-O,CAI-A,CAI-B Saumur(FRA) - 07-10Jun12 (via Hoefnet)
          Laurie Astegiano (Pony Team)-A:5th(59.01),B:3rd,C:4th(3.0),Final:2nd
  • CAI-A Dillenburg(GER) - 07-10Jun12 (via Hoefnet)
          Kelly Bruder (CAN)-A:23rd(66.05),B:26th,C:27th,Final:25th
  • CAI-A/CAN Horst (NED) - 27-30Apr12 (results via Hoefnet)
          Kelly Bruder (CAN) - A:11(56.53),B:17,C-8(6.47),Final:12th
  • Driving Seminar with Boyd Exell in Lipica, SLO - 10-11Mar12
  • CAI-A Royal Windsor Horse Show - 05-13May12 (via Hoefnet)
          Misdee Wrigley-Miller (Pair Horse)-A:6th(54.02), B:7th, C:2nd, Final:5th
          Laurie Astegiano (Pony Team)-A:6th(64.38), B:6th, C:5th, Final:5th

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