XRCS CD New [Withdrawn] Division Names 16-002

RCS # 16-002
Article – CD New Table
Summary – Division Names for Hybrids
Proponent – Marc Johnson
Date Posted – 04Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status – Open for comments, Withdrawn by author

Current Wording – Division Names used for Hybrids: Intermediate II and Preliminary II

Proposed Wording – Presented in a Table:

ADS Standard Divisions:

Advanced (Driving Trials only)




Hybrid Divisions: 

Advanced/Intermediate or “A/I” – Advanced Dressage & Cones, Intermediate Marathon

Intermediate/Preliminary or “I/P” – Intermediate Dressage & Cones, Preliminary Marathon

Preliminary/Training or “P/T” – Preliminary Dressage & Cones, Training Marathon

Reason for Change – Current Hybrid names are not truly representative of what they are. This would require all current references to Intermediate II and the one reference to Preliminary II to be removed.

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