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Last Updated: 1/25/09

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This website came about as a progression of my involvement with the website of a local driving club through the publishing of 'same day' results from various combined driving events. My combined interest in carriage driving with a fundamental drive to facilitate the dissimination/availability of information and the creation/maintence of community spurred its development.

Through this site, I intend to continue to publish complete & realtime results as they are made available to me, as well as maintain a discussion forum. I will keep commonly accessed links on the main page as well as local club links for any club that desires to send me that information.

I intend to continue to develop the website and am looking for those that might want to contribute in the way of blogs or or other content or function.

Please let me know of any suggestions, recommendations or additions that you think I need to know about.

Mike Arnold

For comments/corrections/updates contact Mike Arnold (ma@snowcamp.org).