Last Updated: 30Dec1818

I have truly enjoyed providing results, links, and tools for the driving community over the past 12 years. I hope it has been useful. I've tried to provide timely and complete results, that have been made available to me, for all combined driving events, pleasure shows and schooling shows alike whether licensed, recognized, official or unofficial, national and international for US and Canadian drivers - I think I've been mostly successful.

But, as with all such things, there is a season, and it is time to let this go ... I find it increasingly difficult to find the free time to do what needs to be done.

It has been my practice, that when giving, to give freely and when that was no longer possible, to lay down that activity, so it goes with DrivingNews USA.

in peace,
Mike Arnold.

P.S. If someone wanted to purchase or even sponsor the site, I would consider it, but to paraphrase a recent Facebook poster commenting on her horses for sale - it would not be cheap.

P.P.S. The Marathon Times Calculator and Cones Split Time Calculator are now available at