xRCS CD 937.4 Grooms for Small Pony and VSE Multiples 16-006

RCS # 16-006
Article – CD 937.3 also 937.4 also 943.2 .14
Summary – Grooms for Small Pony and VSE Multiples
Proponent – Roger Cleverly / also submitted by Muffy Seaton /
Date Posted – 04Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status – Table shown as modified by Linda Yutzy. Open for comments

Current Wording – 937.3  At ADS-recognized Dressage and Cones competitions, the following table applies for Training, Preliminary and Intermediate divisions.
Class: Four-in-hand… Small Pony, VSE … Grooms: 2 behind

937.4 At ADS recognized competitions, the following table shall apply for Marathon:
Class: Four-in-hand… Small Pony, VSE … Grooms: 2 behind

943.2 .14 [groom requirements] Class: Four-in-hand… VSE … Grooms: 1

Suggested Wording – Change to 1 groom required. Replace table in each location with this one

small grooms

Reason for change – Animal welfare and safety. Adding 100 lb. plus to the weight to be hauled by a small team is asking too much, particularly if the going is soft or the terrain is not flat. The wheelers will have serious difficulty in backing up in dressage, too. The extra weight will be on, or behind the rear axle. On Marathon, there is limited space on the back step of a small pony or VSE carriage. When maneuvering in obstacles, particularly on an adverse, one groom may not be able to move their weight as far over as desired, and this could result in a ‘highside’ flip.

Welfare of the ponies. Three people on a small pony or VSE carriage is too much weight for a small pony four-in-hand or VSE four-in-hand to pull without undue strain. It’s also a safety issue as when you add two people to the back step it outweighs the front and can lift the front wheels off the ground.

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