Items 1-3 must be proposed as an RCS:

1. NEW – An entirely new rule or subject.

2. MODIFICATION –  Changes to meaning or specifics of an existing rule.

3. CLARIFICATION –  Make meaning clearer by adding, changing or deleting words of existing rules. Does not change intent of existing rule.



Housekeeping changes are subject to:

  • Approval and Documentation by Rules Committee
  • Approval by relevant Tech Committees
  • They are not subject to Member Comment or Approval by BOD.

Allowed changes:

  • To correct a reference
  • To correct an obvious typo
  • To correct a misspelling or grammar usage
  • To correct numbering or rule location
  • To correct missed updates to already approved rule changes
  • To follow Rulebook conventions (e.g., capitalizations, dashes)
  • To reformat to present in clearer manner, no rewording (e.g., lists, tables, illustrations)
  • To remove an obvious redundancy