RCP2015#79 – New Competition Category

2015 RCS #
New Competition Category
Date Received
Combined Driving Committee
Change Date
Open for comments – 25Aug14; CD Recommended for Approval 14Oct14; BOD APPROVED 23Oct14
Initial Posting: 25Aug14

Suggested Wording – 901.10 Overview of Categories and competitions

10.5 “Combined a-la-carte (CAC) event” may use any of the above formats,the difference being class entry selections from those published in the Prize List and selected at the competitor’s option on the entry form. Organizers may offer one or more driven dressage tests (listed as Training A, Training B, Training C, Preliminary A, Preliminary B, and so forth); Marathon and Cones classes based on a combination of division and turnout; and Cones based. Competitors have the option to select one class for each of the three competitions. Example: Dressage – Preliminary A; Marathon – Training small pony; Cones – Intermediate pony.

Awards shall be limited class entries only: Dressage – by test; Marathon and Cones by division and turnout. Overall division awards, if offered, are limited to entries competing in the same division for all three competitions.

Reason for change

New classification option

4 Response(s)

  1. Zantke says :

    September 11, 2014

    This is out of order, as it’s a new RCS for which the deadline was June 30th. So hold it over for next year, and do we really need this, or doesn’t it add more confusion and complications?

  2. hoofnit says :

    September 17, 2014

    this is unnecessary and an additional point of confusion. There are already Dressage shows that allow competitors to choose the Dressage test they want to practice, and adding the burden of multiplex3 dressage tests on organizers and judges is unforgivable. Is there any evidence that this is is successful at the unrecognized level?

  3. Linda Yutzy says :

    September 17, 2014

    This is contrary to the intent of combined driving, in which the goal is to produce a turnout able to perform all 3 phases of a level, not pick and choose just what they are good at.

  4. simon says :

    October 8, 2014

    This RCP was submitted prior to the deadline – certainly not a reason to reject it. Here is the opportunity to think outside the box and offer organizers an opportunity to attract more customers. Rather than put a number of hybrids in place (as are now doing very well) – the organizers simply lists the divisions offered. The Competitor may select one class for each competition – it may be Advanced dressage, Training Marathon and Intermediate Cones. Each driver will have his/her own reasons. There is no more work for anyone including judges and scoring. It is simply about building a class list just the way it is done in Pleasure Shows. Awards are for class participants. Drivers who select all three competitions in the same division would be eligible for overall awards. NO extra rules, NO extra costs, NO extra effort – just appeal to a greater number of drivers who may not otherwise choose to enter the event.
    Remember, it is an option for the organizer – a marketing tool.

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