RCP2015#66 – Adds Safety Checklist to rules

2015 RCS #
Adds Safety Checklist to rules
Date Received
Combined Driving Committee
Change Date
As soon as possible in 2014
Open for comments – 1June14; Recommended for approva; BOD APPROVED 23Oct14l
Initial Posting: 1June14

Current Wording – CDArticle942.6

Article 942 Safety [formerly Article 901.12] 6. At ADS-recognized events, each entry shall complete the Pre-Competition Checklist prior to competing.

Suggested Wording

Article 942 Safety [formerly Article 901.12] 6. At ADS-recognized events, each entry shall complete the Pre- Competition Safety Checklist prior to competing. A completed copy of the Safety Checklist as illustrated in Appendix CD-D must be presented at the safety check in harness immediately before the start of any Marathon Competition.

Reason for change

1) The form: current release is cumbersome, lacks detail and does not provide acknowledgement that the driver has inspected his or her vehicle, harness and equipment prior to Marathon. The suggested form invites greater compliance by clarity and ease of use. 2) The procedure: present forms only involve a signature and are often collected as early as registration or with entries. 3) The intent: assurance that the driver has actually completed an inspection of his turnout at the event location immediately prior to Marathon or cross-country, and that he attests to the propriety of his vehicle, horse, harness, bitting, and his own skills.


Revised Safety form submitted by CDC 14Oct14
Safety Checklist-RCP-66

7 Response(s)

  1. Zantke says :

    June 2, 2014

    I agree, it is far too cumbersome to require TWO safety checks, one before the marathon and a SECOND one after second one. So good solution from the CDE Committee.

  2. Jeff Morse says :

    June 2, 2014

    From the paragraph at the top of the form:

    “Each Competitor must complete this checklist and hand to the Safety Inspector”

    Ads Rulebook does not use the term “Safety Inspector” anywhere.

    “at the time of the Safety Inspection, at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of the Marathon, Competitive Drive

    The term “Competitive Drive” does not appear in the Rulebook

    “or organized Recreational Drive.”

    All ADS recognized Recreational Drives are ‘organized” and Recreational Rules do not mention a ’15 minute” time period, thus this, in effect, creates a rule for Recreational Driving. The current Rec Rules do not specify that this check list MUST be used. It says:

    Article 412 Safety Check
    The Safety Officer will oversee the volunteers and/or other officials conducting the Safety Check. Use the ADS safety checklist. Each turnout receives a participant number upon successful completion of safety check. The turnout will display the participant number on the vehicle for the entire event.Participants with more than one turnout require safety checks for each turnout. For example, a pair that also participates as a tandem will require two safety checks and different participant numbers.

    It should say; “The ADS Safety Checklist” must be used.” and probably should indicate where it can be found .

    “Failure to surrender the completed form, having unsafe: harness, carriage or hitching will disqualify the entry.”

    The Rulebook defines “disqualified” in several places and it generally means: ineligible to compete in the remainder of the event. I am not sure that is the intended or correct outcome. All that needs to be said here is: “Entries failing to submit a signed Safety Checklist will not be allowed to start.”

    “It is the driver’s responsibility to continually evaluate the safety of his/her turnout. This self-evaluation questionnaire forms the basis of the inspection, and should be referred to periodically and whenever preparing for driving. Signature of the Safety Inspector”
    See above comment about “Safety Inspector”

    “acknowledges receipt only, and does not necessarily agree with the answers contained herein. * NOTE: Spares Kit – Competitors may carry whatever items they deem necessary. (Article 2042.6.4).”

    There is no such Article 2043.6.4 in the Rulebook.

    If this Safety Checklist is intended to be used for all kinds of ADS events other than CD , this paragraph should be a more generic statement and the rules for how and when the Checklist list is to be used should be published in each respective section of the Rulebook. For instance, PD might want to use this form for certain Pleasure Drives and say something like this” For Pleasure Drives over 3K, the ADS Safety Checklist must be completed and surrendered at the Safety Check prior to an entry’s start of any Pleasure Drive.” Or certain organizers in certain conditions might wish to have every entry complete a checklist before competing at their show.

  3. Zantke says :

    June 2, 2014

    Jeff makes some good points (as usual), so it looks like this does require some work as far as the details are concerned. I’m just happy that it gets addressed that a second safety check after section one of the marathon is overkill, and we need an ADS modifier to the FEI rules to take it out.

  4. tandempony says :

    June 18, 2014

    The Pre-competition Safety Check List was originally intended to be available for use by ALL disciplines recognized by the ADS. The changes you are considering are aimed directly at Combined Driving. This is fine, but the changes make the form less useable by other competitions. If you insist on making a change, PLEASE also create substitute forms for Pleasure Driving, Recreational Driving, and any other unique form of competition recognized by the ADS.

    It should be noted that “I” did the original draft of the Pre Competition Checklist during the period when I served as Chair of the Safety and Education Committee. The draft was approved by all members of the Committee, and ultimately by the BoD.

    FWIW Jay Hubert

  5. Lyutzy says :

    August 22, 2014

    I do not think a Safety Checklist should be published as part of the Rulebook. It is sufficient to say that one must be completed and refer to the ADS site to download. This allows proper forms to be developed and revised without the Rule Change Process.

    At ADS-recognized events, each entry shall complete a Safety Checklist [delete: as illustrated in Appendix D] and submit it during the safety check in harness immediately before the start of any Marathon Competition. [delete: (Click here for Appendix D.)] Add: Approved checklist(s) are available from the ADS.

  6. Zantke says :

    October 8, 2014

    I agree with Linda

  7. Merridy says :

    October 16, 2014

    Note that the safety checklist form has been revised since this posting.

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