RCP2015#49 – Exception regarding body protectors for children

2015 RCS #
Adds language to strongly recommend body protectors for children instead of requiring.
Date Received
Hardy Zantke
Change Date
As soon as possible in 2014
Open for comments – 1June14; Not recommended by CDC
Initial Posting: 1June14

Current Wording – CDArticle928.3

At all times, while on a carriage, Children and Junior Athletes must wear a body protector and a securely fastened Protective Headgear. During Horse inspections, it is strongly recommended

Suggested Wording

Add 3.1 At ADS-recognized events body protectors for Children and Junior Athletes are recommended.

Reason for change

Same as under 928.2.3 where we deviate from FEI rules for adults, not making body protectors mandatory, we should do the same for children and juniors. Otherwise this is the fastest way to turn off our juniors from driving! No problem with requiring helmets for them, but adding safety vests is overdoing it. They ride their bicycles and skateboards without vests. I am much more concerned for the safety of grandma riding along as groom than for junior driving his VSE. Junior will just tumble, grandma will break her bones. We can “bubble wrap” them to death. Poor junior is sweating in an oversize safety vest (bought for growth as parents can’t afford to buy a new one every year) while grandma rides along in an airy blouse on a hot day. Unfortunately this did not catch my attention when the FEI put it in beginning of the year, but in the meantime I have seen at many competitions out there where I officiated the negative effect this has had on the juniors.


2 Response(s)

  1. hoofnit says :

    August 4, 2014

    I support this rule change. As noted, osteoporosis candidates would need this more that a junior.

  2. Zantke says :

    September 11, 2014

    So what’s the process on this by now? Shouldn’t we have had some action on it in the meantime?

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