RCS2015#36 – Changes term for ADS Advanced throughout

2015 RCS #
Change ADS Advanced to new title for that division throughout Appendix
Date Received
Keith Yutzy
Change Date
Open for comments –¬†25May14
Initial Posting: 25May14

Current Wording РCD Appendix A, Overall

The use of the word Advanced.

Suggested Wording

Replace all references to Advanced with ADS Advanced (Intermediate II or whatever the ADS Advanced is renamed).

Reason for change

To bring driving trials rules in line with the CDE rules. A driving trial is a lower level competition than a CDE and since CDE’s are only allowed ADS Advanced than this should also apply to driving trials.

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  1. Linda Yutzy says :

    September 18, 2014

    I agree that there should not be an “Advanced” level in Driving Trials and Arena Trials. Intermediate-II was developed to fill that need and should replace Advanced.

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