RCS2015#27 – Provides language for bio-security

2015 RCS #
Provides language for bi0-security
Date Received
Su Zi
Change Date
Open for comments – 17May14
Initial Posting: 17May14

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Suggested Wording

All recognized competitions must observe bio-security. This is especially crucial during veterinary inspection after marathon. All inspections must include the wearing of examination gloves for each horse, and the utilization of thermometer sleeves which are disposed of after each horse. Provision of water should not include horse to horse tank sharing.

Reason for change

Violations of bio-security endanger whole horse populations. No language current exists in the rules, and violations have been repeatedly witnessed at shows.  Show ground illness have been reported in the last few years.

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  1. Jeff Morse says :

    June 2, 2014

    I assume the intent is for this to be applicable to all ADS events.

    “Veterinary inspections of horses must include the wearing of disposable examination glove by veterinarians and their assistants. Disposable thermometer sleeves must be used. Horses are prohibited from drinking directly from water tanks.”

    Not sure where this should go….Rules without penalties are unenforceable. This is more of a requirement for organizers and officials for a recognized show.

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