RCS2014#45 – Miscellaneous

2014 RCS #
Date Received
Holly Pulsifer
Change Date
Next Rulebook
Closed for comments – 01Sep13
Initial Posting: 01Jun13
CDC – Not Recommended: 25Jun13


  1. Delete: 940.1.3 no longer an ADS exception
  2. Delete: 932.1.1 “At…. Groom(s).” Unnecessary exception – the fewer of these the better
  3. Delete: 918.2.3 this is now unnecessary too – old history!
  4. Delete: 917.2.9 – redundant

I’m sure there are more of these holdover exceptions that should come out to simplify the rules.

2 Response(s)

  1. rules says :

    July 23, 2013

    CDC Reason for ‘Not Recommended’:
    Articles checked and found appropriate as they stand.

  2. Zantke says :

    August 21, 2013

    Hi friends at Rules: I’m not quite sure that you really followed the RCS. While technically the articles are not wrong, when you read it closely, I think indeed all those ADS exceptions that the RCS covers are now unnecessary, as the FEI rules permit drivers & grooms to go more than once, so we don’t need the ADS exception under 940.1.3 nor 917.2.9 anymore. And who has EVER seen the ADS exception under 932.1.1 needed? So it’s safe to throw that out too. Similarly 918.2.3 is also not needed anymore. I support the RCS, the fewer ADS modifications we have, the better. So please do review your stand on this.

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