RCS2014#37 – Novice Eligibility

2014 RCS #
Novice Eligibility
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Pao Lin Hatch
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Closed for comments – 01Sep13
Initial Posting: 01Jun13
PDC- not recommended: 31July13

Current Wording – (approximately)

When a competitor has won three (3) first place awards at an ADS rated show and where there are more than 3 competitors in that class,
they are no longer eligible to compete in the Novice Division at a ADS rated show.


Reality Check #1-Having a great day, with a lousy field of competitors, showing in front of the same judge, is not an accurate evaluation that you are ready to move from Novice to Open. ADS could propose a compromise like

  1. three first place awards in front of three different judges at an ADS rated show ; or
  2. three first place awards awarded on different dates. If you are winning consistently in front of different judges, then yes.. you are no longer a NOVICE.

Reality Check #2-Elimination of the Novice Whip division in many shows due to attrition of competitors then forces novices to compete again semi pros; Often the organizers maintain a Novice Horse/Pony division, but that’s all. Problem with that solution?

  1. novices competing with semiprofessionals in an Open Horse/Pony class is just not right and not fair;
  2. novice drivers driving large horses in the same ring with ponies and VSE in a Novice Horse/Pony division isn’t particularly safe either.

Reality Check #3– there apparently is a division known as LIMITED, which seems to bridge the gap between OPEN and NOVICE; I’ve personally never seen a LIMITED division! Would love to see such a division but the attendance at shows generally doesn’t urge its creation.

3 Response(s)

  1. rules says :

    June 19, 2013

    The “current wording” cited in this suggestion is incorrect. Article 31 was changed to correct the problem referred to here for the 2011 Rulebook as follows:
    1. Maiden – entries are ineligible for Maiden classes after winning a first place ribbon
    in an ADS-recognized and/or USEF-licensed Carriage Pleasure Driving
    2. Novice – entries are ineligible for Novice classes after winning at least one first
    place ribbon in each of three ADS-recognized and/or USEF-licensed Carriage
    Pleasure driving competitions.
    3. Limit – entries are ineligible for Limit classes after winning six first place ribbons
    which must include at least one first-place ribbon from each of three ADSrecognized
    and/or USEF-licensed Carriage Pleasure driving competitions.
    4. Open – open to all drivers and horses.
    5. Wins in ADS and/or USEF Carriage Pleasure Driving classes and high-point
    championship awards of fewer than three entries are not to affect Driver or Horse
    6. Schooling Entries – see Article 48.3.

    Jeff Morse – Chairman, ADS Pleasure Driving Committee

  2. MikeRider says :

    August 5, 2013

    I think the current wording of the “novice” definition is more than sufficient. Winning a first place at three separate competitions officially advances you from the “novice” status. If there is enough demand, more shows will offer limit divisions.

  3. CaroleSweet says :

    August 27, 2013

    Current wording suffices.

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