RCS2014#28 – Clarification and power to enforce

2014 RCS #
Clarification and power to enforce
Date Received
Simon Rosenman
Change Date
Next Rulebook
Closed for comments – 01Sep13
Initial Posting: 01Jun13

Current Wording – Article 129.2 – Prize Lists, Catalogs and Omnibus


Suggested Wording – Article 129 – Prize Lists, Catalogs and Omnibus

  1. Applications with incomplete submissions, missing fee payment, unapproved by the event TD or not received by the required deadline shall not be published.

    [re-number remaining paragraphs as required]

Reason for change

Clarification and power to enforce.

6 Response(s)

  1. MichaelRidge says :

    August 3, 2013

    Article 129 already provides that incomplete submissions may be listed with the notation that ‘recognition is pending’ which seems more appropriate than denying the event the possibility of getting a timely advertisement. Many competitors plan their showing year from the printed omnibus and a show that isn’t listed is at a disadvantage.

    The same ‘recognition is pending’ notation would also cover the situation where there is something in the omnibus listing that might actually require a decision by a licensed official. The notation might even be limited to the specific issue involved (e.g., entries in the draft division will be eliminated for not carrying a whip in hand in obstacle classes).

  2. Ted Campbell says :

    August 6, 2013

    I disagree with the proposed change.

  3. hoofnit says :

    August 6, 2013

    So it won;t get printed in the Omnibus, but it will show up online when everything is in order. Since more and more we are using the On-line Omnibus to find the changes before en event, this seems to add no value, but plenty of administrative burden.

  4. keithy says :

    August 6, 2013

    I do not support this change.
    The “recognition is pending” is sufficient, especially with the on-line listings being the most current information.

  5. daves says :

    August 24, 2013

    It would seem more logical to call for the following:

    Submittal of incomplete information or unapproved by TD or official – Publication with “Pending” status.

    Submitted after deadline or without fee – No publication.

    I would support these changes although I understand the motivation behind the proposal as written.

  6. CaroleSweet says :

    August 27, 2013

    Since everyone is at the whim of everyone else, it is not always possible to get everyone lined out before publication, even despite Herculean efforts. “Pending” is more appropriate, but set limits….so that events just don’t turn in blank forms to grab a date. With the right language, this would work.

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