RCP PD 248.5 – Clarification of Pick Your Route 16-030

RCS/RCP # 16-030
Article – PD-248.5
Summary – Clarification of Pick Your Route
Proponent – Pleasure Driving Committee
Date Posted – 30Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status –  Recommended by PDC Jul2015. Open for member comments.

Modified Wording –

248.5 Pick Your Route Obstacles
a. To be driven over a course of obstacles (paired markers) with no set route. The number of obstacles to be proportionate to the dimensions of the driving area. Not to exceed 20 obstacles.
b. Typically, obstacles in this type of class are not measured for each entry but are set at 80 inches (200 cm) at the start of the competition, and only reset in the event of a knockdown.
c. After passing through the Start markers, the driver shall proceed through each obstacle to the designated Finish markers, choosing his own route. Each obstacle and the start and finish lines to be negotiated once and only once, but may be approached from either direction.  Driving an obstacle more than once or through the Start/Finish lines out of sequence will be considered off course.
d. Course faults are listed in Article 246, Penalties. Course faults are scored as penalty seconds and are added to the driver’s elapsed time. Placings are determined on a low total time basis.

Reason for change – To clarify the penalty for driving obstacles/ Start/Finish lines more than once.

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