RCP PD 247 Change Class Name to Timed Obstacles 16-026

RCS/RCP # 16-026
Article – PD-247
Summary – Change Class Name to Timed Obstacles
Proponent – Pleasure Driving Committee
Date Posted – 30Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status –  Open for comments. Recommended by PDC Jul2015

Revised Wording – Article 247 Time Competitions Timed Obstacles

Included FYI – 

247.1 To be driven over a prescribed course of obstacles. The number of obstacles to be proportionate to the dimensions of the driving area. Not to exceed 20 obstacles.
247.2 After passing the starting line, the driver shall proceed through each obstacle in order to the designated finish line.
247.3 Course faults are assessed as penalty seconds and are added to the driver’s elapsed time. Placings are determined on a low total time basis.

Reason for change – To change class title to the title that is most commonly used.

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