RCP PD 255.1 Spares, Quarter Sheets 18-001

BOD approved 15Nov17

RC#: 18-001
Rule/Article: PD 255.1
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Lonnie Leavitt
Status: 7Feb17 received; 9Feb17 posted  and sent to committee with Note below. Recommended by the Pleasure Driving Committee (posted 25July17). Final recommendation for BOD (no changes)

Current Wording: Article 255 Spares
255.1 Spares must be carried on each vehicle during a pleasure drive. They are as follows:
Wheel wrench to fit axle nuts
Cooler or quartersheet for each horse
Leather punch
Length of rawhide, string or wire
Rein splice or spare rein
Trace splice or spare trace
Small hammer
Hame strap (if appropriate)
Hoof pick
Halter and lead shank per horse

New Wording: delete Cooler or quartersheet for each horse

Reason for Change: Conflicting rules. Foolish for most summer climates and no room at all for placement on smaller vehicles. Is a single horse or pony competitor in intense summer heat supposed to carry the quarter sheet across their lap?


Not part of rule change:

Note: Pleasure Committee please also review conflicting or missing spares information in Appx PD-C, Section B which describes proper turnout for various carriage types.

There is conflicting mention of proper appointments for different classes of vehicles in the Appendix PD-C, Section B, pages 48-50. The heavier vehicles mention carrying quarter sheets. By Section 5 “Four-Wheeled Dogcarts, Trap, Outing Wagon” there is no mention of any spares kit at all. In Section 6,”Stanhope or Park Gate Gig” the Rule is that “a small kit of tools and a wheel wrench should be carried” with no mention of a quarter sheet. There is no mention of a spares kit at all, much less a quarter sheet, on 7. “Village Cart, Two-Wheeled Dog Cart” or in Section 8. “Road or Jogging Cart.”


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  1. ematulich says :

    August 29, 2017

    Perhaps to comply with spares rules for specific types of turnouts, the quarter sheets/coolers could be noted as “optional, with Appendix PD-C overriding option.” That would continue to allow the heavier vehicles to carry those items.

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