RCP PD 233 – NEW Picnic Class 16-031

RCS/RCP # 16-031
Article – PD-233
Summary – New rules for Picnic Class
Proponent – Pleasure Driving Committee
Date Posted – 30Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status – Recommended by PDC Jul2015. Open for member comments.

Modified Wording – Chapter 6 Class Specifications: Concours d’Elegance & Carriage Dog Class Specialty Classes

New Wording – Article 233 Picnic Class

233.1 A picnic appropriate to the turnout and number of participants must be carried on the vehicle. All picnic participants must be on the carriage during the ring section of the class and be present in the staging section.

233.2 A class in two sections: a performance section and a staging section. Percentages may be adjusted by the Organizer, provided the percentages are published in the Omnibus.

a. Performance section – 25%

  • To be judged both ways of the ring at a walk, slow trot and working trot.  Not to be asked for a strong trot. Park gaits (see Article 210.11) may be used if specified in the Omnibus.​ May be asked to rein back. To stand quietly in the lineup.
  • To be judged on performance, manners, overall impression.

b. Staging section – 75%

  • At the conclusion of the ring section, competitors will be directed to the staging area to unhitch and set up a picnic. Horses to be taken to the stable area. The picnic will then be judged as part of the class. Staging area may include tables and chairs for use by each turnout.
  • To be judged on quality of picnic presentation.


3 Response(s)

  1. sallylawing1 says :

    August 15, 2015

    I think “quality of picnic” should be further explained. Perhaps by adding “including food, beverage, table setting, participant’s attire,etc.” I think assistance in staging the picnic should be limited to those who rode on the carriage. And there should be a percentage based on the carriage and its appropriateness as a picnic vehicle. Usually this class is limited to wicker vehicles, but this rule does not say that. Is that intentional?

  2. GailAumiller says :

    August 15, 2015

    Yes, “quality of picnic” must be further explained. I’ve been told your spares must be displayed (open or closed?) aprons draped over the seat back, etc but have never seen this in print. How is a new competitor to show on a level playing field if all the requirements are not in the class rules?

    What about attire? should ladies wear Dresses, jackets, skirts, slacks? The 2015 winner at Walnut Hill wore slacks and a jacket.
    I applaud adding this rule, but for me it does not clarify anything except for the 25% rail and 75% picnic judging and with 3/4 of the judging weighted on the picnic, I would expect the rule should devote most of itself to the picnic expectations.

  3. sallylawing1 says :

    August 15, 2015

    The two times I have done this class, the spares were considered. This seems appropriate as one would have to drive on the road to reach a picnic site.

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