XRCP PD 223.7 [Withdrawn] Add rule to Reinsmanship 16-029

RCS/RCP # 16-029
Article – PD-223.7
Summary – Add rule to Reinsmanship
Proponent – Pleasure Driving Committee
Date Posted – 30Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status –  Recommended by PDC Jul2015. Withdrawn by PDC 16Oct2015

Add Wording – Article 223 Reinsmanship

223.1 A Pleasure Driving class in which entries are judged primarily on the ability and skill of the driver.
223.2 To be shown both ways of the ring at a walk, slow trot, working trot and strong trot. Drivers shall be required to rein back.
223.3 All drivers chosen for a workout may be worked at any gait requested by the judge and may be asked to execute appropriate tests.
223.4 The driver should be seated comfortably on the box so as to be relaxed and effective.
223.5 Either the one- or two-handed method of driving is acceptable. Common to both methods, the elbows and arms should be close to the body with an allowing but steady hand enabling a consistent “feel” with the horse’s mouth. Drivers should not be penalized or rewarded for using one general style over another.

223.6 Judges may ask for directional signals. Signals should be executed by the driver as follows with the whip held in the right hand, above the head:
a. Right turn -The whip pointing to the right indicates that one is about to turn right.
​b. Left turn – The whip pointing to the left indicates that one is about to turn left.
c. Slow/Stop – The whip held vertically indicates that one is about to stop or slow down.

223.6 7 To be judged:
• 75% on handling of reins and whip, control, posture, and overall impression of driver.
• 25% on the condition of harness and vehicle and neatness of attire.

Reason for change – As a safety issue, drivers should be able to use directional signals properly; To preserve the traditional rules of the road.

5 Response(s)

  1. MichaelRidge says :

    August 6, 2015

    I’d oppose this rule change. I have a old horse injury which limits me from raising my right arm above my shoulder. If these whip actions are going to be part of the class requirements, I’d have to ask officials for some modification of the rule to allow me to compete (perhaps, using the left arm rather than the right). A similar rule for salutes gives three options — two of which I can do — so that a lot more people can do the required salute
    By the way, motorized drivers don’t always recognize these signals or the hand signals listed in the driving manual. I just had a car try to pass me as I was turning left into the driveway of the farm even though I was signalling with the whip for at least 200′ before starting to turn. Signal lights have been required for so long that most drivers haven’t seen any other kind. So, the safety reason for this addition is dubious. The only reason is to preserve tradition.

  2. MikeRider says :

    August 10, 2015

    I don’t see this as being necessary. For the purposes of assessing reinsmanship in the arena, use of whip signals is of little value. This is better used as a test of traditional road driving (for instance, Sporting Day of Traditional Driving).

  3. sallylawing1 says :

    August 15, 2015

    Why in the world would this be added to reinsmanship? We re not driving on the road.

  4. Jeff Morse says :

    August 19, 2015

    Mike et al, recognize the word “may” in this rule. It is NOT a requirement of a reinsmanship test. If anyone can not physically perform these signals, they can approach the TD and say so. The TD will then inform the judge and the judge would likely not ask for it. There are other reinsmanship criteria to use. The PD Committee does feel that these signals are valuable to know and thus we published instructions for how they should be done. Also recognize that these signals can be asked for NOW under current rules. See: 223.3 “All drivers chosen for a workout may be worked at any gait requested by the judge and may be asked to execute appropriate tests.” A judge may be in their right to ask for it NOW as an “appropriate test”.

    1. Michael Ridge says :

      August 24, 2015

      1. If the judge asks for the turn signal on the rail or as part of the workout, it is a requirement of the class under this proposal.
      2. Most judges do not announce reinsmanship workouts in advance of the class. There is no time or way to approach the TD during the class itself to ask for relief.
      I can’t think a judge would ask for multiple signals during the rail work, but this change allows a judge to ask for it. How would you approach the TD in that case?
      3. The pleasure driving committee has not published instructions for the salute. This rule change proposal, if approved, appears to be the first publication as a rule.
      4. A turn signal would not be an “appropriate test” under the current rule because it is not defined in the rule book. A judge could ask for it only by describing the actions to be performed (e.g., as you pass the the in-gate, use your right hand to raise the whip above your head, parallel to the ground and pointing to your left).

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