FEI CD-Preamble, modified

FEI # 16fei-02
Article – CD Preamble
Summary – modify Preamble
Proponent – CDC
Date Posted – 7Oct15
Change Date – 2016
Status –

Revised Wording

Every eventuality cannot be provided for in these Rules. As a result, this edition of the Rules is designed for flexibility to adapt to a developing discipline by referring in appropriate circumstances to Annex/Notes for Guidance information for suggestions and recommendations on how to safely manage this discipline and its events These Rules are supplemented by a “Notes for Guidance” document published and updated from time to time on the FEI website. When interpreting the rules, the “Notes for Guidance” document should also be taken into account and the Rules should be interpreted accordingly. Additionally, in any unforeseen or exceptional circumstances, it is the duty of the Ground Jury to make a decision in a sporting spirit and approaching as nearly as possible to the intention of these Rules and of the General Regulations of the FEI.

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