RCHK Use of term “Multiple” 16-000

RCS # 16-000
Clarify Housekeeping
Article – 000
Summary – Housekeeping
Proponent – Jeff Morse
Date Posted – 05Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status – Approved by Rules Comm

 Use of term “Multiple” throughout the rulebook. Replace instances of the term “multiple” with “pair or multiple” as necessary and as grammatically correct (e.g. plural or singular). Reason: To correct the use of the term “Multiple” which is being used incorrectly to refer to a “pair.” The correct distinctions should be “singles, pairs, and multiples”

 To clarify the terms singles, pairs multiples, the following changes are recommended to the Pleasure Section. If others are found, they should be corrected as well.

  • Article 204 Division of Large Classes
    204.2 The judge and/or management has discretion as to how the division is made, keeping the following in mind, when applicable:
    – separation of pair, multiple and single entries
    – separation of horses and ponies
    – separation of two- and four-wheeled vehicles.
  • Article 211 Break in Gaits
    In a pair or multiple turnout, all horses must break for a penalty to be assessed.
  •  Article 212 Divisions Based on the Horse
    212.7 A pair or multiple turnout must be shown in the classes or division which accommodates the tallest horse.
    212.8 The minimum competition age for a horse to compete is three years of age.
    a. It is encouraged that three-year-olds be restricted to maiden, novice or limit classes and not be allowed to cross enter into other divisions.
    b. In pair or multiple turnouts the restrictions are to be applied considering the age of the youngest horse.
  • Article 234 Participation
    234.1 A horse may not be entered more than once in the same obstacle class, except as part of a pair or multiple.
  • Article 238 Width of Obstacles
    238.1 The track width is measured at ground level on the widest track width of the vehicle. An allowance may be added for pair or multiple horses that are wider than the wheel width of the vehicle.
  • Also: any other instances that may exist in the Pleasure Section. 




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