RCS GR2.7a Age definition 18-010

Not recommended by Event Standards Committee (posted 30July17).

Not recommended by Pleasure Driving Committee (posted 30July17).

Not recommended by Combined Driving Committee (posted 25July17).

RC#: 18-010
Rule/Article: GR 2.7a
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Mike Rider
Status: 13May17 received; 15May17 posted.

Current Wording: The “competition age” of an individual will be the age reached during the calendar year.

New Wording: The age of an individual on December 1st will be maintained throughout the entire competition year.
2. Persons born on December 1st will assume the greater age on that date.
3. If a competition is in progress on any November 30th, an individual’s age at the start of the competition will be maintained throughout the competition

Reason for Change:  To match USEF rules – for competitions approved by both organizations, it would prove difficult to use 2 standards for age of competitor.