RCP GR 1.8 New Para Rules Dispensation Required on Entry 19-033

RC#: 19-033
Status: Posted 11 Jun18, Recommended by ESC 19July18

Name: Marcie Quist
ADS #: 7910
Subject: GR New Para Rules Dispensation Notice Required on Entry
Rule #: GR 1.8
Current Wording:
New Wording: 1.8.4 Dispensation Notice Required upon Entry – All relevant details regarding an
Athlete’s dispensation, to include the Dispensation certificate from the USEF or FEI
listing the required compensating aids, shall be attached to each ADS entry by the
Athlete and noted on the entry form. Failure to attach and notify the Organizer on
the entry form of the need for the Athlete’s dispensation could result in denial of
the dispensation during the competition. See also ADS Rule 1.8 (to be 8.1.8)
Reason for Change: Create universal ADS rules for PARA driving
Type of change: New







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2 Response(s)

  1. Zantke says :

    July 18, 2018

    same as in my previous comments: Too restrictive to ask beginners for USEF / FEI dispensations. So leave that part out.

  2. Michael Ridge says :

    August 26, 2018

    I oppose this whole group of interconnected ‘disabiity accommodation’ rule change proposals for the same reasons.

    The effect of these changes to the General Rules is to require any competitor who would wish to ask for a reasonable accommodation to become a member of either the USEF or the FEI. This rule change would require you to inform the organizer/management of the needed accommodation; another rule would require you to document the basis for the accommodation; another rule would require you to include an FEI or USEF determination; and, getting the determination requires membership in either USEF or FEI.

    “To seek USEF or FEI dispensation, the Athlete shall comply with the requirements of the USEF or FEI to include USEF or FEI membership,application for dispensation and provide all necessary documentation as
    requested. All USEF or FEI dispensations shall remain effective for ADS competitions for 5 years after they are issued.”

    A competitor in a pleasure driving show, dressage competition or lower level combined driving event organized as an ADS event currently has no need to go to the additional expense of membership in these other organizations. This rule change imposes an extra burden only on members who have a physical condition requiring an accommodation.

    I believe that this discrimination is unwise, if not actually prohibited by law.

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