RCP CP-8 (NEW) Scorer responsibility 19-008

RC#: 19-008
Status: Posted 7May18, Recommended with Mods by CDC, Recommended by ESC 19July18

Name: Penny Nicely
ADS #: 4259
Subject: Scoring
Rule #: New (Competition Personnel)
Current Wording: None
New Wording: The scorer at any ADS recognized event is responsible for completing the scoring for an event/show and determining the placings and/or points applicable to the organizing committees’s published Omnibus listing or prize list. The scorer may not compete and if entries exceed 25 may have no other duties during the show/event.

19July18 CDC Comment:  remove “may have no other duties”

2Dec18 BoD decision:  reword last sentenct to:  The scorer must not have any other duties at an event from the time an individual competion begins until the scoring for that competition is complete.

Reason for Change: This has never been addressed officially.
Type of change: New
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  1. Zantke says :

    May 7, 2018

    I disagree with the last part and would like to end the sentence after “may not compete”. Fine till there – but not allowing the scorer to have any other duties if entries exceed 25 can be a problem. I know a very successful event (Clay Station Horse Park) with often more the 25 entries, where the organizer also does the scoring (successfully) in addition to many other jobs, which she all does well! Yes, it is amazing, but she does it!

    1. Kmorgan1 says :

      May 15, 2018

      I don’t think the question is “Is it possible for a superwoman to score and organize at the same event?” I think the question that’s being asked here is “What happens if the scorer’s attention has to be diverted to another activity, like ensuring the event is running?” and we should consider whether that is a situation we would rather avoid?

  2. Zantke says :

    May 29, 2018

    The more restrictions we put on organizers the fewer will organize – or will do it outside of ADS. So we need to weigh the cost and benefits carefully before we do something like that and ask if there really is the need for any such new restrictions.

  3. Penny says :

    June 9, 2018

    We already have these restrictions on Organizers and Secretaries in one form or another. The point is exactly as Kmorgan1 states, during the competition, the scorer needs to be concentrating on scoring, not on talking to sponsors or organizing rides to the hazard competition viewing area. Scorers often play additional roles prior to events, but during the event they should not have any other duties.

  4. Jeff Morse says :

    June 15, 2018

    Maybe this can be resolved by saying: the scorer must not have any other duties at an event from the time a competition begins until the scoring is complete for that competition.

    Our rules make a distinction between an Event and Competition:
    2.14 “Event/Show” is the entirety of activities, classes, competitions or combinations thereof,
    commencing and concluding as defined by the Organizer in the ADS Omnibus.
    2.15 “Competition” is the competitive activities of Divisions/Classes or combinations within the

    1. Kmorgan1 says :

      June 18, 2018

      I like the wording Jeff proposed. During the competition, the scorer needs to be scoring.

  5. Jheroen Dorenbosch says :

    June 29, 2018

    I am not sure this rule is needed.

    Note: The use of ‘scorer’ is not all that consistent in the rules. For example, 524.1 and 988.3.8 use the multiple word ‘scorers’. How would the proposed rule apply if there are multiple scorers?

    Just to be pedantic: The duties of the scorer as defined in the proposed rule are: completing the scoring for an event/show and determining the placings. These are activities that are typically accomplished after all competitions are over by the final run of the scoring software. Someone else (scorer helper or some wirelessly connected app) can input all the numbers as the event proceeds. The proposed scorer would then push the button for the final calculation and the printout of the results. This would even leave time for the scorer to compete.

  6. Zantke says :

    August 24, 2018

    I go along with the comment of the CDC of July 19th as above – but it is not enough to just remove “may have no other duties”, as the first part of that sentence after “may not compete” certainly should be removed as well, as otherwise, being left there alone, it really doesn’t make any sense. So the part “and if entries exceed 25 ” should be removed as well, please.

  7. Linda Yutzy says :

    August 31, 2018

    I agree with Jeff: The scorer must not have any other duties at an event from the time a competition begins until the scoring is complete for that competition. i.e. Organizer cannot be scorer (co-organizer possibly could?). I was recently at an event where the organizer really was only a scorer. During the event she was not really capable of performing as an organizer …

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