RCP CD-C Art. 4 Derby officials 18-025

BOD approved 15Oct17 

RC#: 18-025
Rule/Article: Appendix CD-C, Article 4
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Combined Driving Committee
Status: received and posted 7Jun17. Recommended by CDC (posted 25July17). From CDC 25Oct17 for BOD

Current Wording: One licensed CD-judge. Derbies over 25 entries also require a licensed CD-TD or a second CD judge. Officials may not officiate and compete at the same event

New Wording: One licensed CD-judge or CD-TD for up to 24 entries.. Derbies over 25 entries require an additional licensed CD-TD or CD-judge. Officials may not officiate and compete at the same event.

Reason for Change: modification based on practical experience