RCS CD 963.4.2 Start of A 18-009

Not recommended by CDC (posted 25July17).

RC#: 18-009
Rule/Article: CD 963.4.2
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Penny Nicely
Status: 26Apr17 received; 28Apr17 posted and sent to committee

Current Wording: 963.4.2 [FEI] If an Athlete is not ready to start Section A at his scheduled time, the Timekeeper will start him at the earliest available time at his discretion, and record the actual starting time, which must be reported to the Technical Delegate and President of Jury, for onward transmission to the Scorer, at the earliest opportunity. The Athlete will be penalised 0.25 of a penalty per second of the time elapsed between his scheduled start time and the time he was ready to start, and he must not be allowed to start less than two minutes before the next Athlete’s starting time. For the avoidance of doubt, Athletes will not be penalised where the start of Section A is delayed for organisational reasons.

New Wording: [add] At ADS-recognized events, if the competitor is not ready to start at his scheduled time, the starter will ask him to step aside and will contact an official who will make a determination if a later start is available, depending on the schedule. Competitors starting late will be penalized one minute of time at 0.25 penalties per second (15 penalties) and may be eliminated if no reasonable time slot is available.

Reason for Change: Starters at ADS events are volunteers who have no idea what has gone into the scheduling of the event. ADS events have multiple divisions with multiple speeds in each division and entries may be sharing personnel and equipment therefore scheduling for an event may be complex. It is important at the ADS levels that we stress the importance of being on time. No one wants to deny an entry the chance to compete, however the possibility may exist that they will not be able to if they fail to keep their assigned time. The current rule as stated is not a reality at ADS events.