RCP CD 945.2 Groom Speaking Dressage 19-006

RC#: 19-006
Status: Posted 14Feb18, Recommended by CDC &ESC 19July18

Name: Hardy Zantke
ADS #: 1187
Subject: Groom speaking in Dressage penalty
Rule #: CD 945.2
Current Wording: 945.2 Prohibited outside assistance
At ADS-recognized events, no person, either on or off a competing carriage entry may give verbal or physical directions to an Athlete with the exception of persons on the carriage during Marathon and Cones competitions. Athletes receiving verbal or physical assistance except for permitted outside assistance as listed in 943.2 shall be eliminated at the sole discretion of the Ground Jury.
New Wording: delete entirely
Reason for Change: To bring the ADS into sync with USEF & FEI and penalize groom speaking in dressage with only 10 penalty points – as already stated under 945.2.1.2 – instead of elimination.
Type of change: Modify

3 Response(s)

  1. Kmorgan1 says :

    May 7, 2018

    I maybe misreading the intent, but it seems to me that if we delete this entire rule, we are allowing anyone on or off the carriage to provide assistance……in other words, the rule isn’t targeting only grooms….. so do we want to rephrase it to except grooms, or is outside assistance from anyone now totally acceptable?

  2. Zantke says :

    May 29, 2018

    Kate, we are ONLY deleting the entire ADS Excemption to the FEI and USEF rule. The rest of the outside assistance rule is still in place as outlined under 945.2 = all the stuff that is stated there in non italics. So all we do, is go entirely along with FEI and USEF.

  3. Tracey Morgan says :

    June 10, 2018

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