RCP CD 937.3.1 Different vehicles for dressage and cones at ADS levels 16-005

RCS/RCP # 16-005
Article – CD 937.3.1
Summary – Must notify organizer if using different vehicle from dressage for cones.
Proponent – Ellen Ettinger
Date Posted – 04Jun15
Change Date – 2016
Status – Open for comments. Recommended by CDC 16July2015 with edits

Current Wording – 937.3.1 The same Carriage must be used for Dressage and Cones for CA 2* and above (see Article 936).

Suggested Wording – 937.3.1 The same carriage must be used for Dressage and Cones for CAI 2* and above (See Article 936)

At ADS competitions at the Training, Preliminary and Intermediate Divisions, Athletes competitors may elect to use a different carriage for dressage and cones. If the Athlete competitor elects to use different carriages, the competitor MUST it is the Athlete’s responsibility to notify the Organizer and the Technical Delegate of this decision at least 1 hour prior to the start of the Cones Competition so that wheel measurement of the carriage being used may be verified. Failure to notify a change in vehicle may result in elimination by the judge of Cones.

Reason for Change – At ADS competitions for Training, Preliminary and Intermediate Divisions, competitors may elect to use a marathon carriage for safety reasons in the Cones Competition. Safety is our Number One priority, therefore, it makes sense to allow competitors to feel comfortable and safe in their vehicle. Further, as there is no required measurements for these levels, and customarily wheel measurement is performed at Dressage, it must be the responsibility of the competitor to advise the TD and the Show Office that the measurement needs to be re-done if the competitor elects to use a different vehicle than was measured.

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  1. rules says :

    June 4, 2015

    Please see RCS 16-001 which states (clarifies) that using different vehicles is not allowed.

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