RCP2015#98 – Remove ADS items, see new Glossary #97

2015 RCS #
Remove ADS additions to FEI Annex 9
Date Received
Combined Driving Committee
Change Date
Open for comments – 9Sep14
Recommended for Approval: 7Sept2014; BOD APPROVED 23Oct14
Initial Posting: 5Sep14

Suggested Wording 

FEI Annex 9 – Definitions

Children: See GRs Appendix A – Definitions At ADS-recognized events, this definition does not apply.

Competition – a component of a Driving Event: Driven Dressage, Marathon, Cones and Combined Marathon-Cones.

Dismounting: The deliberate departure of an Athlete or Groom from the carriage or the accidental leaving (falling off) of the carriage by the Athlete or Grooms

Driving event location – all land used for the Competitions comprising the Event, and areas for exercising, stabling and the parking of vehicles

Entry: in Driving, the unit composed by the Athletes (Drivers), horse(s), Groom(s), harness and Carriage appropriate to the turnout as defined in these Rules.

Event Official : see Gen Regs and Annex 3.

Horse: Refers to a Horse or Pony authorized to compete under Chapter 6. At ADS-recognized events, a horse also shall mean mule, donkey or VSE.

Junior: See GRs Appendix A – Definitions

Organising Committee “OC”: see Gen Regs.

Period of an Event: See GRs Appendix A – Definitions

Schedule: An official form approved by the FEI outlining relevant information of an Event, including but not limited to the dates and location of the Event, the dates by which entries must be received, the Disciplines in which Competitions will be held, the programme of Competitions, the categories, nationalities and other relevant details of invited Athletes and Horses, the stabling and accommodation available, the value of the prizes and their distribution, and any other relevant details.

At ADS-recognized events, the Schedule also means the official Prize List published in the American Driving Society Omnibus in accordance with these rules.

Showgrounds: All land used for the Competitions comprising the Event, and areas for exercising and warm-up, stabling and the parking of Carriages. Turnout: A Carriage together with the Horses, harness, Athlete and Grooms. Young Drivers: See GRs Appendix A – Definitions

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  1. simon says :

    October 8, 2014

    Removing the ADS additions and consolidating in a new Appendix will be very helpful.

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