XRCP [Withdrawn] CD 950.2 VSE arena size 17-027

This RC has been Withdrawn by the CDC 21Sept2016

This Proposal is RECOMMENDED by the Combined Driving Committee.

This Proposal is RECOMMENDED by the Dressage Committee.

RC#: 17-027
Rule/Article: CD 950.2
Proponent: Combined Driving Committee
Date: posted 1June2016

Revised Wording:

950.2 At CAI Events a smaller arena, measuring 80m x 40m and laid out in accordance with the Annexes, may be used for all classes of Singles and Pairs, in which case the loops of the serpentine must be reduced from five to three.

At ADS-recognized events, the size of the arena to be used shall be as stipulated on the applicable Driven Dressage test. VSE classes may be driven in large or small full size arenas of Annex 1, 2, 3 [delete 4], or in the following size-adjusted arenas: Tests requiring 40m x 80m arenas may be driven in [delete 20m x 40m or] 30m x 60m arenas; and tests requiring 40m x 100m arenas may be driven in [delete 20m x 50m or] 30m x 75m arenas. Driven figures shall be reduced in proportion to the size-adjusted arenas. Diagrams and letter placement are published in Combined Driving Appendix F. The Omnibus must indicate the size of arena to be used.

Reason for Change:

1) The 20×40 arena size has not proven to be appropriate for VSEs to properly show their dressage test movements.
2) The 20×40 arena size is not being used by event organizers in the U.S.

Also affected by this change are references in Article 518.1, and listing in Appendix CD-F

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  1. Judi Tintera says :

    June 19, 2016


  2. Teresa Jones says :

    June 20, 2016

    Yes, this is a good change to eliminate confusion.

  3. Tracey Morgan says :

    June 21, 2016

    The Driven Dressage Committee supports this RCS

  4. erobb123 says :

    July 6, 2016

    I think this would be an unfortunate rule change. The current rules allow for either 20×40 or 30×60. The advantage of the 20×40 is that is exactly the portion of a regulation size arena that is added/subtracted for intermediate. This means that an organizer can set up ONE dressage arena, block off the end for VSE, and then proceed to larger equines with a few simple changes. Codifying only the 30×60 size condemns organizers to either setting up two dressage arenas (which complicates layout, setup, and planning) or making the VSE’s use the regular size arena (which is just not necessary). I have yet to see any issue with VSE’s doing proper dressage figures in the 20×40 arena. Why does this need to be a rule – I think leaving the choice of size up to organizers is appropriate. I think this will (continue to) drive smaller competitions away from ADS. I oppose this rule.

    1. erobb123 says :

      July 6, 2016

      I also want to disagree with point# 2 that the 20×40 arena is not being used in the US. That is simply not true, I can think of several on the east coast that do (did). Although it IS true that the smaller events which are (were) trying harder to support the VSE’s are going away.

  5. wgallen says :

    July 25, 2016

    Kim Allen strongly supports this proposed change. 20 m arenas are too small for VSEs, which are typically a little larger than half the length of a horse turnout. 30×60 or 30×75 are far more appropriate.

  6. erobb123 says :

    August 1, 2016

    Opposed. The size of the VSE arena should be left to the organizer. Smaller venues may not have the space or manpower to set up and/or change configuration during an event. The 20×40 size was a workable solution, as it is a portion of the regular size arena. I have not seen issues with VSE competing in 20×40. A mandatory 30x size is a death-knell for smaller competitions.

  7. evedex says :

    August 1, 2016

    I am VERY STRONGLY for this proposal….I drive a VSE pair and find a 20x40m ring impossible to properly get my horses to do corners/diagonals/etc. And watching singles classes, I don’t think it is much better for them either….H, M, K, F just come up too quickly to properly flex and drive. Also, I know, no matter what the rulebook says, individual venues can make their own rule changes as needed so venues with small show grounds can still use a smaller ring if advertised in the prizelist, so eliminating the 20×40 suggested ringsize will not stop some venues from offering VSE divisions if needed, but will eliminate this awkward size ring from many shows making it easier for VSE drivers to drive a proper test.

  8. Marjean McIntyre says :

    August 1, 2016

    I have read this several times and am unfortunately, still confused. If this RCP gives the organizer the OPTION of using these alternate sizes (I thought at least the 30X60 was already an option) then I don’t see any reason to oppose this. OTOH, if it REQUIRES the event to have the 30×60 or 30×75, I am strongly opposed…I am a huge supporter of the mini’s and have pushed for them from the beginning, but as a former organizer (For 5 years), I truly fear that this would lead to some events just deciding not to offer a VSE division. I really do understand that the 20×40 ring is not ideal, but many events do not have the equipment to set up a second ring, perhaps they don’t have room for a second ring and don’t have the volunteers to re-measure and re-set another ring that would take A LOT more work than just moving in the one side of the large ring. Again, I realize that the 30×60 ring is ideal, but I really think this requirement would lead some events to just not offer the division, so would you rather drive in a less than ideal size ring, or not get to come at all? For those commenting that drive multiples, maybe contact the organizer and ask if you could drive in the full size ring, and not the small ring. It would not be a big deal, the multiples would just go first, and then the singles in the small ring…..The are options.

  9. Jeff Morse says :

    August 1, 2016

    Perhaps a better solution in the long run would be to create a few 20 x 40m dressage tests for VSE’s.

  10. tatohead says :

    August 2, 2016

    Why does the option of the 20×40 or 20×50 arenas need to be eliminated? Why not leave it as an OPTION in ADDITION to the 30×60 and 30×75 arena OPTIONS. Let the organizers decide what works best for them based on their available venue, equipment and manpower. Competitions are expensive enough to run. If the equipment exists for the smaller arena why require an organizer to go to the expense of purchasing any additional supplies and securing the manpower to set up the larger VSE arena? The VSE division entries may not cover this expense with their entries . This may lead to competitions dropping the VSE division all together which would be a shame. With the 20×40 option it is relatively easy and inexpensive to partition off an end of the larger dressage arena for use for the VSEs. At least for the VSE singles, especially at training and prelim., the 20×40 arena is not particularly difficult to drive in. Pairs and multiples could easily be accommodated using the larger 40×80 arena.
    Why place restrictions? Let the organizers decide what works best.

  11. Linda Yutzy says :

    August 25, 2016

    Although I was originally in favor of this, I now believe there is no reason to remove the OPTION of offering a 20 x 40 arena for VSEs. In some cases it is much easier for an event with very few VSE entries to use the end of the 40 X 80 ring. No reason to disallow this, even if it is not commonly used.

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