HK – PD suggestion to link relevant classes 17-007


RC#: 17-007
Rule/Article: PD
Proponent: Jeff Morse
Date: posted 25Jan16

A Housekeeping Suggestion
Include the rule number (and link) with references to classes in the Pleasure Driving Rules


238.4 Unless otherwise specified in class rules, if an entry disturbs any part of an obstacle out of its driving sequence or if any obstacle or start or finish line is driven in reverse direction, out of sequence or driven twice, the obstacle or start or finish line will be considered driven incorrectly and be scored under the rules for each specific class. See exceptions regarding the correct driving of the start and finish lines for PD 249.1 Scurry Obstacles, PD249.5 Pick Your Route Obstacles, PD250.3 Gambler’s Choice Obstacles and 249.3 Double Jeopardy Obstacles classes.

Reason for Change:

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