RC#: 17-006
Rule/Article: LO6.8
Proponent: Jeff Morse
Date: posted 7Jan16

see also rc-cp1-4-review-of-omnibus-listings-17-005/

Current Wording:

LO6.8 The Technical Delegate shall review and approve the Omnibus listing prior its submission to ADS for each event or show. For Events not requiring a Technical Delegate, the review and approval is the responsibility of the Head Judge.

New Wording:
LO 6.8 The Technical Delegate is responsible for the review and approval of the Omnibus listing and shall submit the Omnibus Listing to ADS for each event or show. For Events or shows not requiring a Technical Delegate, the review, approval and submission is the responsibility of the Head Judge.

Reason for Change:

To make the TD (or Judge in some cases), responsible for reviewing, approving *and* submitting the Omnibus Listing to the ADS. Currently the TD review and approval step is being skipped in too many cases, with the organizer simply asserting the TD has done so. This rule change would ensure better engagement by the TD’s to produce a better listing form, a better event and greatly reduce staff time for this review process.

3 Response(s)

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  2. JeffLegg says :

    June 20, 2016

    While I understand the intent of the rule proposal (i.e., to have TDs and judges knowledge of the Ombnius listing), I have to ask if this is truly feasible from an event management standpoint? I do not believe event organizers should be expected to leave the paperwork process to the TD. Instead, as the regulatory body of officials, can the ADS require the TD and/or judge to review and verify the Omnibus submission?

  3. Jeff Morse says :

    August 1, 2016

    I will withdraw this RCS because I believe the new Omnibus process requires the TD to review the Omnibus listing prior to the event being recognized.

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