RCP GR 2.7 add Jr driver table 17-010

This proposal is RECOMMENDED by the Pleasure Driving Committee as modified

RC#: 17-010
Rule/Article: GR 2.7 + 5.11 Clarify
Proponent: ADS Pleasure Driving Committee
Date: posted 27Jan16, chart modified 31July2016


Current Wording:

Junior and adult competition participants, e.g., anyone who rides on a vehicle at any time at an event, are defined as follows:

a. The “competition age” of an individual will be the age reached during the current calendar year.
b. “Junior A” – competition age: 10 and below. Junior A drivers must be accompanied by a knowledgeable adult horseman at all times.
c. “Junior B” – competition age 11, 12, 13. Junior B drivers must be accompanied by a knowledgeable adult horseman at all times.

EXCEPTION: Junior “B” drivers competing with a single Very Small Equine (VSE) turnout in a securely enclosed arena need not be accompanied by a knowledgeable adult horseman unless required by the organizer.

d. “Junior C” – competition age 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. Junior C drivers competing with a single horse/pony turnout at their discretion need not carry a groom/passenger unless required by the competition.
e. “Junior” – Unless otherwise defined: Competition age under 19.
f. “Adult” – Competition age 19 and over.

New Wording: Add new chart in addition to text

GR2.7chart 3

Reason for Change: To add speed and ease of comprehension to rules about Junior Drivers

3 Response(s)

  1. Mike.Arnold says :

    June 21, 2016

    for Junior C – “organizer discretion” is not the same as “required by the competition” (which has meant ‘the marathon’)

    1) I think the change to ‘organizer discretion’ is a bad idea
    2) if you make this change, then the table & text should agree

  2. LMBeckwith says :

    August 2, 2016

    Agree with Mike, wording needs to match or ads needs to provide more clairity. Chart reads to an outsider like B juniors have more VSE freedom than C juniors. In VSE the requirement to take an adult when presented this way can change how a series of shows run across a division giving inconsistent times and inconsistent rules appearance

  3. rules says :

    September 8, 2016

    NOTE: clarify. The age of adult starts at 18. Junior C drivers are same as adult but must have groom at least 18 yo. Whose discretion of requiring groom?

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