HK Dressage. Replace Shall with Must 18-027

RC#: 18-027
Section: Driven Dressage
Proponent: Rules Committee, Dressage Committee
Status: posted 10Jun17

The word “must” replaces the word “shall” 

520.13 If, during the test, the entire turnout leaves the arena, the competitor is eliminated. If part of a turnout leaves the arena, it [delete shall; add] must be scored as a poor movement and appropriate marks awarded.

524.2 … In the case of equality of points, the competitor with the highest marks received under General Impressions [delete shall; add] must be declared the winner. When the scores for General Impressions tie, the judge may be required to decide on a winner after review of both score sheets or the horses may remain tied.

524.4 In Combined Driving Events, scoring [delete shall; add] must be according to Article 956.

Reason for Change: Clarify wording to match intent of rule. The term “shall” is obsolete and confusing. ADS GR2.9 defines “must” and “shall” to mean the same, however “shall” is often misinterpreted as “should,” which has a different meaning (GR2.10).