FEI2014#01 – Summary List of ADS Rule Modifications after FEI Rule Update

2014 FEI #
List of ADS Rule Modifications after FEI Rule Update
Date Received
Mike Arnold
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Open for comments – 12Dec13
Initial Posting: 12Dec13
  1. The FEI CODE OF CONDUCT FOR THE WELFARE OF THE HORSE has been included in the text of the rules
  2. Competitions A, B, C are now known as Dressage, Marathon & Cones
  3. Marathon sections are now known as Section A, Transfer section (ADS will retain the Walk Section), and Section B (instead of Section E)
  4. 901.1 ADS Events back tandem and unicorn classes
  5. 928.2.2 At ADS events Athletes and Grooms must wear securely fastened Protective Headgear (FEI adds: and a back protector in the Marathon)
  6. 928.3 At all times, whilst on a carriage, Children and Junior Athletes must wear a body protector and a securely fastened Protective Headgear.
  7. 935.2 The First Horse Inspection is at the option of the Organizer (now includes ADS events)
  8. 937.1.1 If the Carriage has no brakes, breeching is compulsory. Failure to comply will result in Elimination. In single horse and single pony classes, breeching is compulsory.
  9. 937.3 ADS-Advanced division entries must follow all vehicle requirements under FEI CAI 2*
  10. 938 ADS-Advanced: Lamps or reflectors are not compulsory in Cones.
  11. 940.9 Tongue guards are permitted if used correctly; separate items must not be incorporated around the bit so as to cause welfare concerns.
  12. 940.11.2 Ear muffs and plugs are permitted.
  13. 940.12 Any conventional type of shoe is permitted; double shoes or additional weight (lead) are not allowed. At ADS-recognized events, boots protecting the sole of the foot are allowed in Marathon. (comment about replacing lost or damaged shoe removed)
  14. 943.2.7 Substitution of a Groom during the Marathon competition is not permitted under any circumstances
  15. 945.2 FEI rules only prohibits physical assistance. ADS: Verbal or physical directions with the exception of persons on the carriage during the marathon.
  16. 945.2.1.4 Athletes and Grooms may not use any form of electronic communication equipment during Dressage and Cones, subject to elimination. (implying that electronic communication equipment may be used on the Marathon)
  17. 948 At ADS events The starting order of all competitions may be set by the Organizing Committee in consultation with the TD
  18. 950.2 At ADS events the size of the arena to be used shall be as stipulated on the applicable Driven Dressage test
  19. 952.2 During dressage, speaking or indication given by a groom will 10 penalty points (given only once)
  20. 956.6 Carriage overturning is elimination
  21. 961.4.2 As an alternative option, a maximum of two letters can be used twice in the same obstacle
  22. 962.3.7 It seems the FEI omitted the 30 day restriction on schooling obstacles, ADS adds that back
  23. 964.2 If a CTF is missed, it can be redriven provided the following CTF or Obstacle has not already been driven
  24. 964.5.3 It may be permitted for grooms to run behind carriages for single horses (used to just be single ponies)
  25. 964.7.4 Carriage overturning is elimination
  26. 965.3.2 Grooms do not have to be on the carriage when it leaves an obstacle
  27. 965.3.5 Leading a horse through an obstacle incurs 25 penalty points (was 20)
  28. 965.6.1 trace down or pole strap disconnected does not need to be repaired
  29. 965.9 Video recording at each Obstacles is recommended
  30. 967.2.6 The finishing time will be taken as the nose of the leading horse crosses
    the finish line. The section is finished as the rear axle has passed the Finish
  31. 967.3.4 (in marathon) In case of incorrect sequence, a drawing of the route must be recorded
  32. 973.2.5 adds the wave
  33. 973.7 (cones) The course must be open for inspection at least one and a half hours before the start of the competition
  34. 975.2.a If Athletes have entered the Arena but fail to start by passing through the start line within 45 seconds (was 60)…
  35. 975.2.b If the Athlete has not entered the arena within 45 seconds of the first bell (was 60)
  36. 975.2.i Carriage overturning is elimination.
  37. 975.7.1.c A disobedience includes “The whole turnout comes to a complete halt …
  38. 975.7.1 If there is a Disobedience in a Multiple obstacle without knocking down any element, the Athlete must continue his drive …
  39. 975.9.1 … penalties are incurred until the whole turnout has passed the finish line.