FEI – RCP FEI Annex 8 Oxer 18-055

BOD approved 15Nov17

RC#: 18-055
Rule/Article: CD FEI Annex 8
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Combined Driving Committee
Status: CDC-recommended FEI proposed change (posted 30July17). Subject to FEI approving changes and final wording. From CDC 1Nov 17: forward to BOD

Revised wording: 

FEI Annex 8. Oxer in Cones course

973.1.6 An oxer will be composed of 2 pairs of cones in a straight line. The distance between the first set of cones and the second set will be between 1.5 and 3 metres, at the option of the Course Designer. The oxer counts as a single obstacle and the maximum penalty points for knocking down up to 4 balls is 3 penalty points in total. The first set of cones will have the number of the obstacle and be marked with red and white flags and the second set of cones will be marked with red and white flags. This obstacle will be judge as a single obstacle. [Add sentence:] The oxer may be crossed. A maximum of five oxers are allowed in a Cones course. [Add sentence:] The width of the cones has to be measured from the balls.

CDC Notes: “width” is the spread distance between the sets of cones, not the clearance

Reason for Change: clarify oxer layout and measurement