FEI – RCP CD 964.5 Dismounting 18-052 WITHDRAWN

Withdrawn by CDC 1Nov 17

RC#: 18-052
Rule/Article: CD 964.5
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Combined Driving Committee
Status: CDC-recommended FEI change proposals (posted 29July17). Subject to FEI approving changes and final wording.

Revised Wording: Outside the obstacles in Section B, Grooms and Athletes are not allowed to dismount unless the carriage is stationary. If the vehicle is not stationary, either or both groom(s) dismounting will incur 5 penalties. The Athlete dismounting will incur 20 penalties. [Add sentence:] In the Last Transfer, Grooms and Athletes are not allowed to dismount (stationary or not) before reaching the Control point at the end of the Transfer (Vet, Stewards, Judge). Grooms dismounting incurs 5 penalties, Athlete dismounting incurs 20 penalties.

Reason for Change: clarify dismounting in the Last Transfer section.