FEI – RCP CD 964.3/964.4 Incorrect Pace 18-051 WITHDRAWN

Withdrawn by CDC 1Nov 17 

RC#: 18-051
Rule/Article: CD 964.3, 964.4 and 964.6
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Combined Driving Committee
Status: CDC-recommended FEI change proposals (posted 29July17). Subject to FEI approving changes and final wording.

Delete 964.3 Deviation from the Course

Delete 964.4 Incorrect Pace

Add New:

964.6. Incorrect pace [numbering revised pending approval of deleting 964.3, .4]
At ADS-recognized events, should one or more Horses break from the required pace and it is not corrected within five seconds the Athlete will incur 1 penalty for every occurrence. If the break continues, the Athlete will incur 1 penalty for every additional completed period of five seconds. These penalties apply to:
• Walk Section – any pace other than walk (Training, Preliminary, Intermediate);
• Section B (inside obstacles) – cantering (Training); and
• Section B (outside obstacles) – cantering (Training, Preliminary).
• Last Transfer section – Training and Preliminary for paces other than walk or trot.
At ADS-recognized events, intentionally cantering or trotting all the horses in the Walk Section will be penalized by elimination.

Reason for Change: With proposed deletion of Article 964.4 based on adopting the new Last Transfer section, the existing ADS exception is modified to specify the penalties from the deleted text; Article renumbered to 964.6.