FEI – RCP CD 955.5.2 Dressage Salute 18-059

BOD passed 15Nov17

RC#: 18-059
Rule/Article: CD 955.5.2
Change Type: New
Proponent: Combined Driving Committee
Status: CDC-recommended FEI change proposals (posted 30July17). Subject to FEI approving changes and final wording. From CDC 1Nov 17: forward to BOD as revised* by FEI

955.5.2 Para-Equestrian Athletes in able-bodied competitions

Athletes may salute with a nod of their head only. Hats must not be removed at the salute, and contact must be maintained on the reins during the [[rev 1Nov *add: halt and salute, remove: whole Dressage Test]].

Reason for Change: new rule clarifying salute procedure for Para-Equestrian Athletes in able-bodied competitions.

2 Response(s)

  1. Linda Yutzy says :

    August 1, 2017

    I do not think the ADS needs to adopt this rule. ADS does not differentiate between para and able-bodied drivers and already has a method for providing special allowances based on driver’s needs.
    I also find this rule rather offensive as it assumes that anyone with any disability is incapable of removing their hat!

  2. ematulich says :

    August 29, 2017

    We also need to make allowances for ANY competitor wearing a helmet (that cannot be removed anyway)

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