FEI – RCP CD 945.2.1.2 Outside assistance 18-058

BOD approved 15Nov17 with additional changes not included in RCP

RC#: 18-058
Rule/Article: CD 945.2.1.2
Change Type: Modify
Proponent: Combined Driving Committee
Status: CDC-recommended FEI change proposals (posted 29July17). Subject to FEI approving changes and final wording. from CDC 1Nov 17: forward to BOD

Article 945 Outside assistance

At ADS-recognized events, no person, either on or off a competing carriage entry may give verbal or physical directions to an Athlete with the exception of persons on the carriage during Marathon [added by BOD: and Cones] and Cones competitions. Athletes receiving verbal or physical assistance except for permitted outside assistance as listed in 943.2 shall be eliminated at the sole discretion of the Ground Jury.

945.2.1.2 In Dressage and Cones, Grooms must remain seated in their proper positions between entering and leaving the Arena. They are not permitted to handle the reins or the whip (will incur 20 penalties). [delete: nor, add: For Dressage,] For Dressage, speak or indicate the course to the Athlete [add: is not permitted] is not permitted (will incur 10 penalties). However the Groom may handle the reins, whip and brake without penalty provided the carriage remains stationary.

Reason for Change: clarification of groom assistance in dressage