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RCP CP-8 (NEW) Scorer responsibility 19-008

RC#: 19-008
Status: Posted 7May18, Recommended with Mods by CDC, Recommended by ESC 19July18

Name: Penny Nicely
ADS #: 4259
Subject: Scoring
Rule #: New (Competition Personnel)
Current Wording: None
New Wording: The scorer at any ADS recognized event is responsible for completing the scoring for an event/show and determining the placings and/or points applicable to the organizing committees’s published Omnibus listing or prize list. The scorer may not compete and if entries exceed 25 may have no other duties during the show/event.

19July18 CDC Comment:  remove “may have no other duties”

2Dec18 BoD decision:  reword last sentenct to:  The scorer must not have any other duties at an event from the time an individual competion begins until the scoring for that competition is complete.

Reason for Change: This has never been addressed officially.
Type of change: New