Significant Rule Changes for 2017

24 Jan 2017

General Regs

  • GR6.3 Require proof of flu/rhino within last 6 months. Optional for organizer to check and enforce.
  • GR5.11 (also PD 207.4) Expanded junior headgear rule to apply to all juniors on carriage at all times.
  • GR2.7 New chart added to clarify age requirements

Approval of Competions

  • AC2.6 All competitions should have an accident-preparedness plan in place before event.

Pleasure Driving

  • 216.1 Rule concerning donkey and mule class organization has been deleted. Not necessary.
  • 246 All off-course penalties now listed in one place
  • Wording for Double Jeopardy and Fault and Out was clarified

Combined Driving

  • all Intermediate-II replaced by “Hydrid divisions offering Advanced dressage and cones”
  • 973.1.9 New chart to clarify Standardized (grouped) settings for Cones
  • CD-E New chart for Quick Reference Guide for CDEs
  • 973.1.6 (FEI) Addition of Cones “oxer,” two pair of cones in straight line 1.5-3m apart. Three penalities for 1-4 balls down.
  • 981 (FEI) Cones penalty for groom standing between start and finish (5 pts)
  • 965.3.2 (FEI) Grooms must remount carriage immediately outside obstacle. FEI later added “within 30m marker.” (5 pen)
  • 961.3 (FEI) Added requirement for 30m marker after obstacle.

Recreational Driving

  • 408.1 Updated to: “Except for VSE and Small Pony turnouts that require just one groom, two grooms are required for fourin-hands or unicorns to assist in the event of difficulty.”