15 February 2017

The following is a copy of text submitted to the Wheelhorse for publication in the next issue.

Information regarding rule changes is available online at the Rule Change Process Review blog (drivingnews.us/ads/RCPReview) and is accessible from the ADS website (Events and Resources > Resources > Rule Change Proposals).

The RC blog is intended to involve ADS members in the rules process and to encourage comments on potential changes to the ADS Rulebook. This helps the technical committees formulate final rule change proposals for review by the membership and approval by the Board in October for inclusion in the next Rulebook.

RCS – A rule change Suggestion put forward for comment. An RCS may be made by a technical committee or an ADS member.
RCP – A rule change Proposal is a previous RCS put in Rulebook language form and Recommended by a technical committee for inclusion the next edition of the Rulebook. It is subject to final membership review from August 1 to September 1. Those RCSs which are Not Recommended remain RCSs.

To make suggestions for changes to the ADS Rulebook, begin by using the SUBMIT A SUGGESTION button on the Rule Change Proposal website page. You will have two options: to complete a RCS form directly on that page or to fill out the pdf “Rule Change Suggestion Form,” save it and attach to an email to rules@americandrivingsociety.org. Once a suggestion is posted on the website, it is open for comment. The REGISTER/COMMENT page gives instructions on how to do this.

The deadline for suggestions from members is May 31. Technical committees may continue to make additional new and modified suggestions until June 15. From June 15 through July 15 the technical committees review all the suggestions to decide which should be Recommended for inclusion in the next ADS Rulebook. The RCSs that are recommended by the technical committees then become Rule Change Proposals (RCPs) and are sent to the
Rules Committee for publication via the blog.

The complete set of recommended RCPs (and non-recommended suggestions) is made available for final member review by August 1, and members have until September 1 to submit their comments. Members are encouraged to respond whether supporting or not supporting any individual RCP, but September 1 is the final deadline for all comments. Technical committees review the final comments and may optionally withdraw an RCP or clarify the language before it is submitted for Board approval in October.

It may seem that every year brings loads of changes to the Rulebook. Please concentrate on any major changes and realize that many of the others are simply to make the Rulebook less confusing for all of us! Rule changes are classified into four types to help you focus on the most important:

  • New rules have the greatest effect and importance. There are rarely more than just a few of these.
  • Modifications may alter an existing rule to allow or disallow a previous item or action. You should be aware of these. Modifications may also be used to reorganize existing rules to remove redundancies and thus make the Rulebook shorter and more concise.
  • Clarifications may change the language of an existing rule to reduce confusion as to its intent.
  • Housekeeping changes such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes are simply corrected by the rules committee and do not need final approval by the Board. Please email rules@americandrivingsociety.org with any housekeeping items you find!

2017 Rulebook now available

24 January 2017

See 2017 Changes (tab at top) for a synopsis of rule changes for 2017

5 January 2017

The 2017 ADS Rulebook has been posted online in 3 versions. All versions are available as pdf files to download from the ADS site.

  • Clean abridged version with non-applicable CD-FEI text removed. This version is the same as below, except 24 pages of FEI language that does not apply to ADS has been removed. Both versions contain the complete rules for combined driving.
  • Clean w/CD FEI rules version (printed Rulebook).
  • Changes shown (red-line) version with all changes, corrections, and edits shown. (1) ADS changes from 2016, (2) Housekeeping changes, (3) CD-FEI changes, (4) CD-FEI language removed for Abridged edition.

Remember to pre-order your printed rulebooks (includes CD FEI rules) as only a limited number of these are produced each year. Order info.

Please contact Linda Yutzy if you have questions.