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Dear Driving Friends,

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!! PARA TEAM USA will be traveling to Sandringham, England for the World Driving Championships June 13-15, 2014. With help from the driving community this Team CAN make their dreams come true and bring home medals for the USA!!! Bidding is open now!

See theonline auction andUS Driving for the Disabled for more information.

Happy Driving,
Margaret A. Ross.

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  • CAA Carriage Festival - 27-29Jun14
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  • 2013-2014 ADS Intermediate Championships Standings as of 03Apr14
  • USEF Young Horse Driving - Criteria and Scoring
  • Chester Weber Sets New Record at Kingdom of the Sun CDE
    Live Oak Driver Apprentice Jacob Arnold Scores Personal Best
  • 4 in Hand Farm
  • Special Announcement

    For a new website on this topic go here: Help SAVE the New York City Carriage Horses

    The New York City carriage industry is facing the loss of the right to drive in NYC. If you support the Carriage Drivers of NYC, please send a letter of support to Eva Hughes, 34-33 205th Street, Bayside, NY 11361. Using your farm letterhead would be appreciated, as well as a copy sent

    If you would like a tour of the stables or pictures or just have questions, please email Eva Hughes

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  • Southern Pines CDE - 11-13Apr14
  • CT & Clinics with Kail Palmer-Miller - 05Apr14
  • NTW Sunrise Ridge HDT - 05-06Apr14
  • Chapter One Farms Spring ADT - 05Apr14
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  • Black Prong HDT and Combined Test - 07-09Mar14
  • Chester Weber's First Live Oak Driver Apprentice Brings a Real ".Wise Guy". - Jacob Arnold
  • Frostbite CT - 01Mar14
  • Kingdom of the Sun CDE - 21-23Feb14
  • Grand Oaks Classic - 14-16Feb14
  • Live Oak Combined Driving, Inc. Driver Apprentice Program - Jacob Arnold
  • Sunshine State CDE - 30Jan-02Feb14
  • Nature Coast HDT and Combined Test - 17-19Jan14
  • Monster Mini HDT - 11-12Jan14
  • GMHA Sleigh Rally & Combined Test - 04-05Jan14
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  • 2012 ADS Intermediate Championships (updated 12Feb13)
  • USEF National Champions - Complete (pdf)
  • USEF 2013 National Champions
             Single Horse - Leslie Berndl - KY Classic
             Pair Horse - Misdee Wrigley-Miller - Live Oak
             4-in-Hand Horse - Chester Weber - KY Classic
             Single Pony - Tracey Morgan - Southern Pines
             Pair Pony - Jennifer Matheson - Southern Pines
             4-in-Hand Pony - Allison Stroud - Southern Pines
  • USET World Champions (pdf)
  • US Driving for the Disabled World Champions (pdf)
  • Canadians Selected for World Championships (pdf)
  • World Championships - 2014
             Singles World Championships - 24-28Sep14 - Izsák, Hungary
             Four-in-Hand World Championships - 07-07Sep14 - Caen, France
                Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (website)
             Para-Equestrian Driving World Championships - 27-29Jun13 - Sandringham, England
                FEI Schedule